This morning I replayed Bane and Connie’s wedding. I tried to make it pretty close to what I did before, same day, same time, etc. And in a lot of ways it was the same. (I didn’t screenshot much although I kind of wish I had for the comparisons).

1. Bane refused to dress up again although he picked a different outdoors outfit. I wonder what he has against dressing up? Is it because he’s in the business career and has to wear suits all the time?

Two wedding pictures. Connie wears the same dress in both, but Bane chose a lovely orange jacket and jeans for his first wedding and a green button up, shorts, and tall hiking boots for the second...2. I didn’t invite Alicia, instead another older gentleman Alvin? Arvin? passed away after the ceremony. This time Bane couldn’t plead with the reaper even though he was very confident because Grimmy never showed up. So we have a new tombstone on the lot.

On the left is Alicia's death in the kitchen, the right the "A" guy's death on the back patio.

3. The girl didn’t eat Shelby’s cake…Another guy did – but she was on her way over there so it was a near thing. Even when my sims are hungry they no longer try to eat the cake. Perhaps Shelby’s been around so long that it doesn’t phase them.

4. Michel painted another picture (even better) of the wedding couple.Michel's better picture hangs in the couple's bedroom. I'm actually quite happy with it's composition. The bridge is holding Bane's hand tenderly. The wedding arch behind them.

4. Connie may have had too much juice or was just not paying attention, but she flirted with another guest in front of Bane. Bane is currently furious even though the guy didn’t accept the flirt. I’ve got my eye on Connie now.

That’s all. Now to see if the ‘try for baby’ on wedding night took. I don’t even know if it took last game.

Thanks for all your well wishes. Yes my game is fine – it may be the new cc I’ve been adding in and out for Halloween, but it felt more like a video card error. I’m dusting out my computer in the hopes that it was just overheating.

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