Connie looks like she's worried or has a headache.

8.16 Nooboo? Noboo?

We’ve talked about family. I know it’s something I have to do. This is a legacy after all as Uncle Michel keeps reminding me.

Michel sits down with Bane at the kitchen table (still littered in cupcakes - eat them you sims!) Michel has a finger raised in admonishment.
You’re already an adult, Bane. You can’t just up and quit this.
Still at the table, both men are sort of gestering a non-committedness. Especially Bane who is shrugging to Michel's protestation.
I know. I’ve still got time though.

Michel’s living on borrowed time. Mom passed away ages ago, before I had even met Connie. I wish she’d come back to visit, but the only ghosts we see these days are the randoms who died on our lot during parties.

After the wedding, we all came down with something. Michel and Luthor were nauseous all day, but Connie and I had pounding headaches. So, I guess it was the flu or something. Probably something a guest brought. They should just stay home if they’re sick.

Connie, home late after work, puts her hand to her forehead.

But to be honest. I’m hoping for a nooboo too. Someone to pass this garden onto. To take care of Shelby.

Bane chats with Shelby.
Just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean you can be all whiny. Go eat other sims if you want, but not me.

We’ve been trying a lot. In the bedroom, in the hot tub, in Luthor’s bedroom (don’t tell him!).

Connie and Bane enjoy the hot tub. Steam surrounds them.
Fancy meeting you here.

So far nothing.

Connie looks like she's worried or has a headache.

I know Bane wants kids. He talks about it constantly. But, I don’t know. I’m just not ready for motherhood. Oh – don’t get me wrong, being a mother is what I dream of. But I still feel like the stranger here. This is their Family Home, with a capital “f-h” – Pigglewiggles have been living her for generations. While mom and I moved to town only a while ago.

Connie runs towads the house and the end of her jog. It's a large white monstrosity. Very imposing.
I’m surprised every time I see it with just how massive the house is.

It doesn’t quite feel like my home. Oh – we’ve changed things, the floors the walls. If I want to install a spa down in the basement Bane is happy to oblige and call the contractors to rip out his old bedroom. And I wanted. Oh how I wanted.

Connie attempts yoga in her new spa. Please ingore the walls down and instead focus on the pleasing wood and blue decor. It's very soothing.
I might not be any good at it yet, but it’s good to have a retreat from the boys.

I told Bane it was just a headache like he had.

Connie just got home from work, she's clearly nauseous but is it a baby? Or just another flu symptom?
Michel and Luthor were nauseous too, right?

But I’m thinking it might be something more. This wouldn’t be a bad place to raise a child. The house has a lot of practice raising kids, right?

Connie, wearing a white sports outfit (don't blame me, I don't pick these things-oh wait...). Stares at the front of the house. In these clothes, she actually kind of matches it.

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    • I adore his shape, I’m purposely not having him exercise too much. Although Luthor still has his tiny pot belly despite his workouts. So maybe it wouldn’t affect the should tooo much.

      I was writing it and when I got to Connie’s part, I semi-panicked cuz I liked how it was going, and I was afraid I’d already shown her voice, but no. This is the first time we’ve really gotten to listen to her.

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