Spooky Party

10-25-15_4-46-08 PM

10-28-15_11-30-24 PM

10-16-15_8-55-26 PM

10-16-15_8-58-12 PM

10-16-15_8-57-33 PM

10-28-15_11-13-05 PM

10-16-15_9-13-08 PM

10-28-15_11-17-49 PM

10-28-15_11-17-07 PM

10-29-15_11-41-07 PM

10-29-15_11-40-00 PM

10-28-15_11-24-44 PM

10-29-15_11-33-26 PM

10-29-15_11-48-47 PM

10-29-15_11-47-08 PM

10-29-15_11-48-59 PM

10-29-15_11-44-51 PM

10-29-15_11-47-26 PM


  1. I’m glad you like Oliva’s Costume. But everyone looks great and having so much Fun! I love all the pictures. You totally captured the festive mood. I love seeing them dance together. Adorable. Love the blue peas definitely.

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  2. I hadn’t seen that Llama costume, definitely not in black. It looks amazing! Like a Schumacher bat suit. My sims had a gold Spooky party, but no one’s shown up in it , or chosen it. You got some great screencaps of your sims having a happy spooky day.

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    • Doesn’t it! I had party outfits for them all, but they all picked their own for the party. I hardly recognized Cocoa. Both times I threw the party hardly any guests came. But we had fun anyway.

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