Spooky Moon Pt. 1

10-29-15_11-47-08 PM

“Father! Father! It’s time.” Penelope’s voice echoed up and down the floors of the house. Normally shouting wasn’t needed, and the party was winding down. But she hadn’t seen her father in some time. He’d been dancing with Ninjapiglet earlier, but she hadn’t seen him since.

Now it was getting late and the sun was going down. Her father had promised to take them trick or treating. Where was he?

“I see him.” onezero said. “He’s with my fairy god-aunt, outside.”

Penelope peaked out the sliding glass doors. Sure enough. Cathy Tea and Cocoa were chatting outside away from all the noise.

10-29-15_11-47-26 PM

Cathy Tea’s arrival had been a surprise, but she came bearing the news that both Free-Jon and Emelia had traveled safely back home and all was well in that time loop. And she also had brought two new friends for onezero and Penelope to meet since Cocoa had told her they were going trick or treating for Halloween. Ninjapiglet and Olivia Love. The four of them had lots of fun already at the party. They danced and ate candy, and carved pumpkins.

10-28-15_11-17-49 PM

But now it was time for the main event.

“Father! It’s time!” Penelope called out interrupting the adult’s conversations. Cathy Tea and Cocoa looked up surprised then both laughed as they realized how late it had gotten and that they were sitting in the dark still talking.

“You’re right! Let’s gather up everyone else and head out.” Cocoa said standing up. He’d tried his ninja costume on earlier that evening, but he’d changed his mind later on and was now wearing his Llamam Man costume. Cathy Tea went inside for a quick costume change herself.

“No reason to limit yourself to just one costume.”

Once they were all ready. It didn’t take long for everyone to be ready and gathering by the front door. Nova and Nebula were staying behind to pass candy out to any kids who came while they were gone.

“One, two, three, four, five, six – ” Olivia counted. “We’re all here!”

“Alright then! This way!” Cocoa called out and headed down the sidewalk. He’d done his research and knew where the best Halloween candy was to be found this side of Granite Falls.

10-30-15_10-39-52 PM

Penelope grinned. “I’ve never been trick or treating before,” she admitted quietly to Ninjapiglet.

“Neither have I. We don’t have Halloween where I’m from. Will it be scary?”

“A little, scary, but don’t worry. There’s lots of candy,” Olivia called back. Of the four of them, she’s the only one who’d been trick or treating before.

Ninjapiglet smiled holding her trick or treat basket tight. Candy she could get behind.

“I like your costume, NP.” onezero said as they began walking down the street. Ninjapiglet had been clear from the beginning about what she wanted to be: a hotdog. Not a skeleton or a fairy, a hot dog.

On the other hand, onezero had been flipping back and forth on her costumes all evening. Taking CathyTea’s advice to heart. So far tonight she’d made three costume changes, first as the headless horseman, then as a pirate, and finally as a pirate princess.

10-30-15_10-40-23 PM

“Hurry up!” Oliva said noticing the Peas lagging behind. “Let’s get some candy.” Penelope and onezero rushed to catch up.

They arrived at the first house. A nice looking house with lots of carved pumpkins lighting the way. 10-30-15_10-43-20 PMThe girls paused at the bottom of the porch uncertain. Do they just go up and knock?

“Go on. Knock on the door and say trick or treat.” Cocoa urged.

The house looked normal enough, but the girls hesitated. What if they forgot what to say? What if there was a mean old man living in there that would yell at them? They hesitated long enough that eventually the owner of the house noticed them and came out.

“What are you all doing out here?” The old witch said with a scowl.

10-30-15_10-46-06 PM

“Trick or treating?” Penelope said. Although it was more a question than a statement.

“You’re not doing it right. First time?” They all nodded. “Well, you’re supposed to knock on the door and say trick or treat. No one is going to just give you candy for laying about like pumpkins.” The witch laughed and was transformed. The girls started giggling. She was a nice old woman. There was no need to be scared of her. “I’ll go back inside and you can try again.”

This time they needed no encouragement and Penelope knocked on the door.

10-30-15_10-53-39 PM

It opened. “TRICK OR TREAT!” They cried out. The woman laughed and handed out treats.

Ninjapiglet examined her piece carefully. Perfect in every way. She could hardly believe that there was a day when people gave you all the food you wanted to eat. She put it in her bag for later.

10-30-15_10-48-38 PM

Well, almost all candy was given out free. However when onezero spied the candy dish by the door she decided to sneak an extra piece.

“BOO!” Candy went flying.

10-30-15_10-54-37 PM

Trick or treating went more smoothly after the girls got the hang of it. They traded off who got to knock on the door. And slowly collected more and more candy.

“TRICK OR TREAT!” They shouted.

10-30-15_11-15-29 PM“Oh, what do we have here? A hot dog, a fine porcelain doll, a pirate-”

“Pirate princess.” onezero corrected. “And a street urchin.” She introduced Penelope’s costume.

10-30-15_11-15-05 PM

“Sadly, I’m afraid I’m all out of candy.” The woman said with a frown. “I just gave my last piece to a skeleton.”

“What!?” Ninjapiglet and onezero said with dismay. “But – ”

“Trick! Fooled you. It’s all good.” She pulled the bowl from where it had been hidden in the doorway and gave everyone two pieces.

“Oh, no!” Olivia said suddenly, her eyes wide looking behind the woman. “There’s a huge spider crawling up your wall.” She pointed.

“What, where?”

10-30-15_11-06-48 PM


Everyone laughed.

“Here, here!” the girls shouted with glee, running up the street ahead of Cocoa and Cathy Tea to the next house in the neighborhood. Cocoa had been right, there were rich pickings in this neighborhood.

“No, wait! Girls!” Cocoa called, but they arrived at the door without hearing him.

However the house was dark. “There’s nobody home?”

10-30-15_11-33-37 PM“On Halloween?”

“Maybe they’re trick or treating?”

“Maybe they don’t like Halloween?”

10-30-15_11-34-10 PM

“No, there’s pumpkins here.”

“Maybe they don’t like kids?”

Cocoa and Cathy Tea caught up at last. “First rule of trick or treating is you only go to houses with the lights on.”

10-30-15_11-34-58 PM

The house next door looked better with lots of decorations AND lights were on. But when onezero knocked on the door. No one answered.

10-30-15_11-20-49 PM

“That’s funny.” Ninjapiglet said. But she’d already spied the big candy dish outside. “Ooh.”

10-30-15_11-21-44 PM

10-30-15_11-22-22 PM

“Don’t take too many,” Cathy Tea warned looking around for the candy’s owner. They were nowhere to be seen but she saw something else instead. “I bet they went over there.” She pointed to the neighboring lawn.

10-30-15_11-19-04 PM

“Oooh!” the girls’ eyes were wide. “What is that?!”

“I think it’s a maze.”

“It’s amazing! Let’s go in.”

“The rules say ‘one at a time’ – who’s going first?”10-30-15_11-40-43 PM

“I will!” Olivia said stepping forward.

…To be continued (later today!)


  • Olivia Love is courtesy of putacece4lyfe and Ninjapiglet is Ninjapig’s mini simself. Thanks to both for lending me their girls. Check out their blogs.
  • CathyTea and onezero are of course from CathyTea and rumor has it she was very excited to come visit Cocoa.
  • The first house is Munterbacon’s Granny’s house and she is the embodiment of Halloween. Happy Birthday Granny! And thanks for helping the kids out.
  • The house with no lights on was originally built by ThePlumbobBlog and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it soon.
  • The final two houses were made by Carewren123. She’s got a speed build of both houses on her youtube channel.

For a list of all the cc and mods being used check out my new mods and cc page.


  1. Aw! How wonderful is it that we got to meet Munterbacon’s grandma and see ThePlumbob and Carewren’s amazing builds! What a wonderful night of celebration for a little hotdog and all her new friends! 🙂

    Also, thanks for posting early! I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Haha wow! That’s just like Olivia Love to go in first because of her excitement. Lol. Nice way to end things I can’t wait for the next one. All the kids are adorable! It was funny when they went to the house without lights and had to be told to only go to the one with lights on. I love how granny helped them out. This is great and so fun to read. Wonderful job. I’m glad Olivia Love could be apart of it! This was a great event idea.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great costumes! I didn’t trick or treat that much as a kid but do remember going as a witch, wearing the costume that my mother made for me. Cherish those memories, children so that you can look back with fondness when you grow up. Here’s a mini Mars bar for each of you, just a small taste from the real world.

    Liked by 1 person

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