Spooky Moon Pt. 2

“I will.” Olivia announced bravely stepping forward. She took a deep breath. I can do this. If I can master first grade, I can do this.

Olivia Love entered the maze.

10-30-15_11-40-43 PM

10-31-15_12-29-17 AM

10-31-15_12-29-29 AM

10-31-15_12-30-37 AM

10-31-15_12-32-02 AM

10-31-15_12-34-47 AM

10-31-15_12-33-51 AM

10-31-15_5-58-29 PM

10-31-15_5-59-39 PM

10-31-15_12-35-30 AM

10-31-15_12-35-50 AM

Penelope went next. She was nervous.

10-31-15_12-37-45 AM

“It’s okay to be scared,” Ninjapiglet said. “I’m scared too. We can go together?”

“Thanks, but I can do this. It’s a rule to go alone.” Once she entered the maze she tried to get her bearing. Fog drifted everwhere. There’s the haunted house…and there’s the exit. This must be the direction out of the maze.

10-31-15_12-38-18 AM

10-31-15_12-38-48 AM

10-31-15_12-39-41 AM

10-31-15_12-40-29 AM

10-31-15_12-40-34 AM

10-31-15_12-41-13 AM

10-31-15_6-13-47 PM

10-31-15_12-42-25 AM

10-31-15_12-43-21 AM

Ninjapiglet wished she’d remembered to have more snacks back at the house. She was trying to save her candy, but her tummy was already begining to growl. The faster I get through this, the faster I can eat.
10-31-15_12-44-34 AM

10-31-15_12-46-04 AM

10-31-15_12-48-24 AM

10-31-15_12-49-01 AM

10-31-15_12-46-28 AM

10-31-15_12-48-40 AM

10-31-15_12-49-59 AM

10-31-15_6-20-48 PM

10-31-15_6-21-57 PM

10-31-15_12-51-43 AM

onezero watched all her friends go into the maze. She understood why they were scared, with tombstones and spiders everywhere, but onezero was not afraid. She could her her 1000 mommies singing to her. She hummed along. They want me to go in there. They have something to show me. onezero entered confidently.

10-31-15_12-52-58 AM

10-31-15_12-54-31 AM

10-31-15_12-55-44 AM

10-31-15_12-54-54 AM

10-31-15_12-55-29 AM

10-31-15_12-56-29 AM

10-31-15_6-39-11 PM

10-31-15_12-58-50 AM

“That was really cool!” Olivia said as onezero excited. They’d been waiting for everyone to return before they started talking. “I was scared at first, but it wasn’t so bad. And the house in the middle! The note said that I was brave for going first. I got a doll as a present. Did you get a doll too?”

10-31-15_1-01-24 AM

Ninjapiglet still held her plate. “No, it was filled with food. As far as the eye could see.” Her eyes were somewhat misty when she spoke. “And filled to the brim with cookbooks and all kinds of books!”

10-31-15_1-01-50 AM

“That’s not what I saw.” Penelope said. “I saw a huge laboratory filled with all this science equipment. And there were books and books on momemtum and multidimentional travel. I got a book about Godel. What did you get onezero?”

10-31-15_1-01-38 AM

onezero smile. “I didn’t get anything.”10-31-15_1-01-54 AM

“But your room…what was in the house for you?”

“My mommies. They had a message for me, for both of us,” she looked over at Penelope who was watching her friend closely. “We need to go back to Sixam.” She smiled and threw her arms out. Penelope gave her a big hug.10-31-15_1-02-11 AM

“Okay kids!” Cathy Tea and Cocoa called from where they’d been chatting nearby. “It’s getting late, I think we should call it a night. Let’s head back home.”

10-30-15_11-34-48 PM


  • Olivia Love is courtesy of putacece4lyfe and Ninjapiglet is Ninjapig’s mini simself. Thanks to both for lending me their girls.
  • CathyTea and onezero are of course from CathyTea. I highly recommend CathyTea as a chaperone for Halloween.
  • The house in the background, behind the maze is by babydollanne.
  • CC and Mods credits can be found on my new page.



  1. Such a spooky challenge! I loved seeing how each child went through it in their own manner. And what a lovely feast for a hungry Ninjapiglet! Thanks so much, raerei and CT! She had a fantastic Halloween night. 🙂 ( . . )

    Liked by 3 people

  2. This was so fantastic! I’m so glad that CT and Cocoa got a chance to visit more! When he dropped by Summer Camp, they couldn’t stop talking!

    And I’m really excited for the continuation of the Blue Peas story!

    And the haunted house was so perfect, with each child getting just what she needed! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was so great and amazing to take part in. I loved all the Screenshots without words and their facial expressions. Thank you again for doing this. This was so fun. Even if I can’t play Sims myself because of rigorous classes. I can’t wait to continue Olivia Love’s story. She definitely gained confidence now.

    Liked by 1 person

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