Connie tells an excited Bane about the test results. Nooboo!

8.17 Circle of Life

This is my home now.Connie, wearing a white sports outfit (don't blame me, I don't pick these things-oh wait...). Stares at the front of the house. In these clothes, she actually kind of matches it.

Connie stands facing the house - now we see her face, she is pregnant.

It was the flu, but it was more than that. Headaches, fever, nausea. Everyone else took their medicine and got better. My symptoms just lingered.

10-23-15_8-32-26 PM

Finally I got sick of being the only one still sick in the house and took the test. I’m sure you expected the results. And honestly I wasn’t surprised either. It’s not like we weren’t trying to get pregnant. I told Bane the next morning before he left for work, but I couldn’t keep the results a secret any longer.

Connie tells an excited Bane about the test results. Nooboo!

He seemed quite happy with the idea. If a little dazed. I’m afraid I distracted him terribly that day.

Bane and Connie are looking at each others sideways, proud grins on their faces.

He kept texting me to see how I was doing. It meant he got in trouble with his boss for being distracted and didn’t get the big project he was hoping to work on. He came home all tense. Since I’d had a pretty chill day, I made sure to show him some appreciation before dinner.

Connie massages Bane in her zen room. I really need to stop watching these animations, they make me sooo jealous of my sims.

That night after dinner, Bane made the announcement to the whole family that we were expecting our first child. It didn’t need to be such a formal announcement, but it was cute that he was so excited.

Bane stands at the head of the table, Luthor, Connie, and Michel sit in front of the cupcake plates (yes, still) - listening.

“Really bro? About time. Does that mean you’re going to stop fooling around in every room in the house?” Luthor asked.

Oops. I didn’t realize he’d known where exactly we’d been when we were trying for baby. Michel just smiled. I think he already knew. He had made my favorite meal for dinner and normally he was opposed to breakfast foods at dinnertime.

10-23-15_9-25-57 PM

Plus instead of telling wild stories to the eggs as he mixed and fried, he’d been humming lullabys. He’s not normally that calm. Especially when cooking. Sometimes he seemed to just stare quietly into the batter. I think I should have been more worried.

Michel smiles to himself as he cooks. Very calm for once. Normally he cooks quite animated.

I mean, he’s old. So old I couldn’t do the math, old and has been that way forever. I never even met his twin sister since she’d died ages ago. But he was a fit old bird. And so I didn’t pay it that much attention. I mean. I was pregnant! The first pregnancy. This was a time all about me.

We were all looking forward to the baby’s birth either today or tomorrow! Yay! And then, it happened. I think he was on his way out to the garden, stupid old man. He should’ve just waited for Bane to come home. Or maybe he knew what was going to happen and just wanted to be outside.

10-23-15_10-46-43 PM

10-23-15_10-47-02 PM

10-23-15_10-50-34 PM

We came running when we heard the thud.

10-23-15_10-49-58 PM

10-23-15_10-50-05 PM

10-23-15_10-50-16 PM

10-23-15_10-57-19 PM

I wasn’t sure if Bane was going to be okay. He seemed completely heartbroken. The two weren’t close – not like father and son. But Bane was quite fond of his quirky uncle. They both shared a love of outdoors and Michel had taught him all about gardening when he was young.

We waited forever for the grim to arrive. Just staring at Michel’s body. At last he came and did his thing.

10-23-15_10-57-04 PM

10-23-15_10-57-50 PM

10-23-15_10-58-46 PM

And Michel’s soul was gone. We burried him next to his wife, Kiarra. I never met the woman, but Bane said we had a lot in common.

10-23-15_11-02-43 PM

A part of a legacy family now, I realized that I would probably be seeing much more of Grim. Plus Bane’s older than I and I wanted to be sure that I’d have a better chance of saving his life. Especially as he refused to get in shape or tend to his health the way Luthor and I were.

10-23-15_11-08-24 PM

10-23-15_11-13-21 PM

10-23-15_11-14-50 PM

I think I made a fairly good impression on him. Hopefully it’ll be enough when the time comes.

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  1. Rae, here’s a nice Purple Plum Award for you for THE MOST UNUSUAL (and unique and brilliant and insanely cup-caked-filled) chapter on a visit from Saint Grimolaus I’ve ever read!

    Breath-taking Grim photos… and quite a bit of quirkiness there at the end!

    Watch… He’ll call to chat! 🙂

    Love and respect and admiration for Michel. Hope he lives on through the multiplicity of other saves…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks! I think this may be my best chapter ever, for sceen shots at least. Thanks for reading!

      They say you need to do something for 10,000 hours to be an expert. I’m no where near that for playing the sims, but I might be nearing 10,000 pictures taken. And grims are my absolute favorite characters, so I take lots of pictures of deaths….kind of morbid, now that I think about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I don’t even know where to begin! I love how you wrote this, despite how heartbreaking it must have been for you. Michel was so sweet making Connie’s dinner for her like that. May he rest in peace. And I’m happy he got to hear about the new nooboo before he passed; he seemed so contented and happy about the news. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure why I liked Michel so much, but he was just an all around awesome sim always looking out for the legacy. And he gave us so much. Topped the smuggler career, completed the friend aspiration and was my first sim to max charisma. He and Mina were real troopers here.

      And it was so much fun to go back and look at all the pictures of him younger. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree, as I was reading this, the screenshots really touched my heart. And it was really forward thinking of Connie to befriend Grim, I’m sure he hasn’t been treated to many massages. Michel was a really sweet sim, always looked out for everyone, I’m sure he’ll be missed a lot.


    • So far everyone in the house is living off a few cupcakes and the cake left over. Oh and Luthor is going after the ice cream and the cow plant cake is looking tempting. No one has any cooking skills. Oops.

      We relied on Michel so long for that. I know they’re missing his perfect – non spoiling food. Funny story. This is actually the second massage I’ve seen grim get. I’d completely forgotten but when Michel and Bane went to the Spa grim showed up and got a massage! I had completely spaced until I saw the picture going through Michel’s life.

      I’m really enjoying taking screenshots these days. I spend half my time in game on pause or play-pausing to really look at their expressions.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Teslas ate Delaney’s leftovers for a couple weeks after she died! And thank goodness the repairman was added to the game, because no one else has those skills either, although Fiona’s working on it. That’s funny Grim went to the spa. I can tell you enjoy taking screen shots because they show so much care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Luckily Luthor is our resident repair man and he just drank a white cup so gets to be an adult all over again. Half of our sinks are unbreakable with generations of repairs going into them. He’s also got cooking level 3 so he hasn’t burned the house down making eggs, yet. Michel cooked a lot but we were only making 4 person meals for more variety, so they didn’t last long.

      I don’t normally see Grim out and about in my game. And it was really odd to see him at the spa since no one was friends with him. But he just walked in and went upstairs to the massage tables.


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