8.18 I Knew

08-04-15_9-22 PM-8
I knew it was going to happen.
08-04-15_9-22 PM-6
There’s a kind of, um…
08-04-15_9-22 PM-5
Tingle! in the bones. A bubbling sensation at the end of your life bar.
08-04-15_9-21 PM-3
All green and happy.
07-24-15_9-12 PM-2
Harley knew it. She’d said there was a stillness.
Michel smiles to himself as he cooks. Very calm for once. Normally he cooks quite animated.
I’ve felt that on and off for days.
08-04-15_9-22 PM-12
I know I won’t be around to see my nephew’s kid.
08-04-15_9-23 PM
Why would I be denied that? It’s just days away.
08-04-15_9-22 PM-4
But it’s okay. You know. I’ve had a good life.

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08-04-15_9-21 PM-4
Time to take a deep breath. And let go.

08-04-15_9-24 PM-3

08-04-15_9-24 PM-4

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