8.19 Henry Pigglewiggle

We named him Henry.10-24-15_1-50-09 AM

It was either that or Steve or Arnold. Connie wanted a “normal” name for our kid even though I’d told her all about the family tradition of naming kids. Luckily there’s lots of “normal” sounding famous businessmen in the world. Someday Bane Pigglewiggle will be as famous as Henry Ford. At least, that’s my plan. I’m a family man now, so I work hard both for myself and to set a good example to little Henry.

10-23-15_9-02-59 PM

Being a family man doesn’t mean working 24×7. It means you work hard at home and at work. You make sure your wife feels like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world (cuz she is). Plus it’s not like we’re stopping at just one.

10-23-15_11-19-47 PM

You take her out on dates when a new bar opens up.

10-24-15_12-38-38 AM

10-24-15_12-36-59 AM

And you make sure she gets plenty of attention. There’s no need to look around and see what you’re missing out on. You picked this woman and you’ll be sticking with her. That’s why you got married in the first place.

Oh and you don’t ever miss an anniversary. That’s why they invented calendars. So you can write that stuff down and never ever forget it. Even it it’s really late when she gets home from work and all you want to do is fall flat on your face asleep.

10-24-15_2-18-07 AM

You help around the house too. When the baby cries at 4 am you get up. It’s only an hour earlier than I normally wake anyway. And it’s perfect for father-son bonding. I barely knew my dad, I don’t want Henry to end up in the same position I did.

10-24-15_2-13-12 AM

And on the weekends you help out even more. ‘Speically as Connie works weekends and I don’t. Kids need fresh air too. Don’t keep them all cooped up inside.
10-24-15_1-36-32 AM

Gives me time to take care of all my babies.

10-24-15_1-36-18 AM

And I think Shelby is ready for the responsibility of a little brother.

10-24-15_1-30-13 AM

10-24-15_1-30-07 AM

10-24-15_1-28-27 AM

Or, maybe it’s too soon for that. Don’t tell Connie!

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    • It’s still all about him, (that’s his evilness sneaking though) but part of being him is being the “head of the family” so to speak which as a family-oriented sim he takes verra seriously.

      Liked by 2 people

    • It seems so wrong, doesn’t it? Bane is also clumsy. He really makes a poor evil mastermind. Harley was good at being evil as was Darrin. Bane is really just accidentally evil. He hardly ever cackles even. So I figured that at least around the house, family-oriented wins.

      Away from family, I shudder to think. I do know he NEVER lets his assistant leave early from work. (Clicked on that chance card twice now). 😀

      Henry is totally adorable btw. Just wait for the next chapter to be posted! I love his personality. Or at least the one that is developing in my mind as I play him.


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