So many stories, so little time.

Existing Projects

Legacy Challenge

gen9My plan is to finish my Pigglewiggle Legacy this month, before Get Together comes out. I think this can happen, unless of course generation 9 is a slow romancer like Bane was. But either way I can’t see it taking past December to finish. Yay! My first ever legacy challenge, soon to be done!

Sidelines: Get to Work

sideI’m calling this project finished as of the Halloween party. Just in time. With Get Together coming out next month it doesn’t seem right to keep exploring the previous expansion. Also, the house is now too small for all the sims in there since onezero is here to stay so Nova and Nebula are moving out and on with their lives. There may be a Sidelines: Get Together in the near future once I see what’s in that pack.

Blue Peas

sixamonezero and Penelope will be continuing their Sixam adventures soon. This is another project I’d love to finish by the end of November. Some people do Nanowrimo, I plan to do FINISHING simlit. So look forward to more Peas and Cocoa in the very near future.

Short Stories

I’m sure you’re aware of the Short Story challenge thread on the Sims forum? Well, my goal is to write a short story each month for the challenge. It’ll be a variety of stories and they’re all stand alone. I could use the writing practice so check back monthly.

New Projects

As with all new projects, these are subject to change, excitement, and other alterations. (I think the last time I posted ‘future’ stories I started one the next day – Room challenge anyone?)

Nebula’s Bachelorette Challenge

bachNebula is a family oriented sim and now that she’s reached the top of her career, she’s ready to start a family. To do that she needs to find a mate. I’m not sure if this will be an open call for bachelors, or what I’ll do. I’ve not done a challenge like this before but it sounds A) fun B) short and C) useful.

Rebirth (Apocalypse)

rebI will finally start this. I’ve almost started it twice, but I want to give my wonderchild, Adam, as much attention as I can. This will start up after the Legacy. So maybe January. New year, new major project?

Tiny Living Immigrant

I admit, I made this up and it’s currently unnamed, but I actually started it the other night and I’m really excited about playing it. Basically I’ve combined the Tiny Living Challenge with Pinstar’s Immigrant Challenge to create a unique 3-gen game. So that’s something to look forward to in December?

Other games

Minecraft (High Meadow – Westmarch)

meadowI will be posting more minecraft builds as I ‘complete’ them. And maybe other builds related to the server I play on. These posts are more “news” story related anyway – although I had an idea to ‘follow’ a build as I worked on it. Would that be fun to read?


skyrimI would LOVE to finish Leona Secondborne’s adventure by the end of the year. I’ve never completed the main quest you know…actually come to think of it this is the first time I’ve been beyond level 10. But in my priority stack, Skyrim ends up pretty low.

Cities: Skylines

skyLastly I do want to continue playing Skylines. It’s my favorite city-builder and a lot of new stuff has gone in since I last played. I’ve never even played with tunnels! So I’m going to figure out how among all the other things I’m doing, I can make more time for this game.

There are tons more games I want to play and blog about: Dwarf Fortress, DAi, Craft the World, Witcher perhaps or maybe even Fallout 4. But alas, I’m pretty confident this list is already too big a todo list for two months.