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E: Twice the babies means twice the crying, twice the diapers, twice the fussing.

A: Twice the giggles and twice the joy. That’s what dad says.

E: Well, mom says we were a pain. She says Lola died because of us.

A: It’s not like Shelby died or anything. Who even remembers Lola?

two dead cowplants. ha. ha. ha. (One of them is Daisy from way back when).

E: Shelby does, I bet.

A: Anyway, introductions are in order. I’m Arianna.

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A: I’m going to be a famous artist someday.

E: Either that or you’ll end up being art. How much glitter do you use, anyway? It’s all over our room.

Arianna, left and Elleanor - right, chat at the dinner table.

A: You’re doing it wrong. Introduce yourself.

E: Elleanor. It’s a stupid name, it’s got too many L’s.

A: Dad says your named after a famous woman. Um… Elleanor Eldridge, she was a successful business woman around the 1800s.

11-08-15_2-47-16 PME: That makes me the oldest then. Henry is from the 1900s and you’re named after someone who is still alive.

A: I don’t think it works that way.

E: Well it should.

A: Nevermind that. Remember why we’re here. You want to tell the good news, or should I tell-?

E: We’re going to Granite Falls!11-08-15_2-47-38 PM

If anyone has been paying attention – up until this generation I’ve always only given the heirs glasses (even in gen 4, when it flipped from Bond to Boris I removed Bond’s glasses). In this case both girls have glasses since as female twins I figure they’re both eligible.

Here’s our three gen 9 kids.

Elleanor has longer hair in braids, wears a yellow overall dress and yellow glasses.
Elleanor Pigglewiggle. Traits: Evil. Aspiration: Social Butterfly.
Arianna wears a red flower dress, her hair is up in pigtails, and she wears red glasses.
Arianna Pigglewiggle: Traits: Genius. Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Henry is a charming guy, Blue checked vest and brown shirt. He's a got a look like he's knows everything or at least he knows a secret.
Henry Pigglewiggle. Traits: Outgoing. Aspiration: Social Butterfly.

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