Cocoa leaned against the door. Nova’s room was mostly packed already. It felt weird to think the house was changing so fast.11-12-15_12-30-15 AM

CathyTea and onezero had talked and decided that onezero would be staying.

For a week or so they talked about how to make it work. He’d even looked online at Sillow to see what house offerings there were. And then, Nova said she was moving out. Just like that.

11-11-15_10-31-43 PM“To Newcrest?”

“Yes, I’ve been transferred to the SIA. They’re headquartered in there. It’ll be easier to live there then commute everyday from here.”

11-12-15_12-31-46 AM

“Penelope will miss you.”

“I’ll miss you both. But I’ll still visit and stuff. It’s not like I’m moving to another save game or hard drive.”

“True. You’ll only be a travel icon away,” He said with more cheer than he felt. It didn’t feel close.

He watched her look around. He rarely spent much time in the basement, but it didn’t feel cold or dark. It felt…well it felt a bit like Sixam. No wonder the girls liked it so much.11-12-15_12-31-18 AM

“Nebula’s moving out soon too. They gave her a practice in Willow Creek.”

Cocoa started, he hadn’t heard that yet. Both of them leaving. “It’ll be weird with both of you gone.”11-12-15_12-30-42 AM

“Remember when we first came here, so young, fresh from the gallery?” Nova asked.

Normal "arrival" screenshot from the first moment you play the game. The three are lined up on the sidewalk.

“This was our second chance. And we’ve had a lot of fun. But Cocoa, it couldn’t stay like that. This was only until we were settled in our careers. Nebula wants a big family. She can’t have that here. At least not without stepping on your toes.”

“So this is it then? The end?”

“More like another beginning.” 11-12-15_12-31-34 AM“You can’t start anything new until you finish what you’re working on. I doubt this’ll be the last you see of either of us. I’m mean, we’re the game pack testers. There’ll be more packs to explore before long.”

And that’s it – calling this an end to the Get To Work bit of Sidelines, but I got great plans going forward. So this won’t be the last you see of these folks. And no, this wasn’t really a story so much as a slice of life, but I’ve lost the energy to figure out how to get it on track when I’m more interested in what they do next.