9.5 Moving On

It was bad. Dad dying like that. 11-22-15_2-32-15 AM

Right in the middle of everything. I’m pretty sure that’s how he wanted to go. Him making a scene so no one could have fun afterwards. He hated when people took the attention away from him. And he got to be the life…well death, of that party.

Everyone moped about it for days. Ari painted a ton of sad paintings.

11-22-15_2-16-43 PM

Not sure how they helped. I mean it only made her sadder when she was done. Wallowing in those feelings. Mom was also pretty bad off. She just moped around all day.

11-22-15_2-13-05 PM

11-22-15_2-02-25 PM

She stopped telling us to work out like she used to and stopped cooking or doing anything. Just worked and slept. I think she was in bed by 7:30 pm every night. Pathetic, I know.

Hank started getting in trouble and was acting out. Childish if you ask me. And picking on old ladies? Actually that is kind of funny, but old ladies can’t be much of a challenge. There’s a couple of them now who refuse to come visit if he’s home.

11-24-15_10-22-47 PM

11-24-15_10-24-43 PM

He even beat up one of our ghosts. Not a family member though. And really? Did anyone ever know Josephine? I didn’t think so. So that’s cool, I guess. But weird.

11-24-15_10-46-43 PM

It wasn’t just my family that was acting strange. Even Shelby was upset. She refused to eat.

11-22-15_1-59-44 PM

11-22-15_1-59-59 PM

Uncle L was really worried. But I figured if she didn’t eat when we fed her, she’d go after some passerby. I notice she’s not starved to death yet.

We made a nice spot for Dad down in the mausoleum.
11-22-15_1-39-00 PM

All the previous generations are down there. It’s kind of depressing to visit. So I don’t do it often.11-16-15_1-08-38 AM

11-22-15_1-39-41 PM

So many tombstones. I don’t know more than half these folks. And our family line goes way back to generations before photos had been invented.11-22-15_1-39-34 PM

I kept myself busy and distracted instead of being stupid about dad’s death. It seemed to work. Rather than cry, wallow, fight, or starve – I got things done. I took a job the Coffee Shop which has really early hours. The boss is kind of crap and won’t let you be more than 30 minutes late. But practicing is fun.

11-22-15_1-27-01 AM

11-22-15_1-26-55 AM

11-22-15_1-27-05 AM

11-22-15_1-27-13 AM

11-22-15_1-27-32 AM

I’ll get better.

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  1. I love the way that this sentence, “Rather than cry, wallow, fight, or starve – I got things done,” ties together the whole organization.

    Poor Shelby.

    So Ell doesn’t do a lot of automourning? I figured she’d be living down in the mausoleum.

    Really well-written chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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