Today we are celebrating Purple day. A day to remember and rejoice the lives of past sims. You can learn all about it here: Purple Day Sims. But basically it “is a day for Simmers all over the world to remember their Sims who’ve met the Grim Reaper, from the original Sims all the way through to Sims 4 Sims.”

07-24-15_9-20 PM-2

I started making a proper memorial post with my favorite sims who are gone (Penelope Curious and Pepper White; Lemongrass, Dylan, Michelangelo, and Bane Pigglewiggle). And then I though, nah. Grimm is my favorite sim and without him we’d have no Purple Day at all. So here, I’m honoring the Grim.

This is the Sims 3 grim. This one is a bit more foreboding than the Sims 4 one. Sadly, I have no shots of the Sims 2 grim. I barely saw that one.
It’s so sad when the ghosts plead.
My first sighting of the Sims 4 death. This is pre-legacy.
The Reaper in Action
Reaping. First sighting of the purple spirit glow.
Would death like a rose?
Flirting with Death.
10-11-14_10-44 PM
Grim takes my legacy founder, Lemongrass Pigglewiggle.
The reaper leaps into the air as Cason's fallen body starts to glow from within.
Grim in action!
01-05-15_12-51 AM
Death comes knocking.
11-27-14_10-48 PM
Boris please for his mother, Dylan.
01-05-15_12-53 AM
Boris’s wife’s pleas when it’s Boris’s turn also fall on Death’s deaf ears.
Dylan pleads with Grim in the Garden, Topher lies beside them.
As do the pleas of Boris’s daughter.
04-27-15_5-03 PM-2
And Grim ignores the please of Dylan’s daughter’s wife.
05-17-15_11-42 PM
Finally, Dylan’s son, Meteor, manages to sway Death’s no-life stance.
05-17-15_11-43 PM
And thus at gen 7 we finally get to see the resurrection animation.
05-17-15_11-43 PM-3
Rebirth! The soul returns.
05-17-15_11-44 PM
Pretty sure this much happiness causes Grim nausea.
05-27-15_10-23 PM-2
Grim cares not if kids are present. (Little Luthor watched his father die)
grim video
Have to get rid of the tension some how. Grim has Blickblock mastered!
07-24-15_9-20 PM-3
Grim even works on vacation.
07-24-15_9-22 PM-2
Grasping the soul.
07-31-15_9-52 PM
Grim enjoys a spa day. I’m not sure the masseuse agreed.
10-23-15_10-58-46 PM
The soul is a lot less colorful in the daytime.
10-23-15_10-57-04 PM
Where death’s shadow falls.
10-23-15_11-08-24 PM
Pampering Grim.
10-23-15_11-13-21 PM
Death and Life. The Circle continues.
11-09-15_12-43-55 AM
A beautiful day in the park.
04-28-15_2-18 AM
Then Grim is gone, in a puff of smoke.

08-10-15_12-33 AM-twogrimsbrown
Check out my short story about Grim: Last Breath.


Most of these shots are from my Pigglewiggle Legacy

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