Gen 9 is finding it easy to fall in love. I’m not sure why since the last two, Bane and Harley, took their sweet time. And Harley never really found someone that she couldn’t live without. This time around it’s Ari’s turn to play the heir. Her siblings however are beating her to the love train.

Hank met his lady first.11-22-15_5-08-37 PMThis is Liliana. She and Hank really hit it off quickly. 11-27-15_8-35-32 PM

They headed to the (semi-new) Red Dot Cafe for their first date.11-27-15_8-56-43 PM

The date also went really well. Ninjapig got to witness their first kiss.

11-27-15_8-58-32 PM

The first of many.

11-27-15_9-00-17 PM

11-27-15_9-02-54 PM

11-27-15_9-16-10 PM

And after the date the romance continued.

11-27-15_11-00-11 PM

11-27-15_11-02-04 PM

11-29-15_7-55-37 PM

11-27-15_11-02-48 PM

Once their date was gold. I had the girls crash it since there were a few eligible men around I was interested to see if the girls would find someone as quickly.

11-27-15_9-17-29 PM

11-27-15_9-19-12 PM

Although we both agreed the redhead was cute, Ari didn’t find the chemistry that her sister did. Meet Alton.

11-27-15_10-58-36 PM

11-27-15_11-00-46 PM

11-27-15_11-00-51 PM

Two first kisses on the same day! Love is definitely in the air, even if it’s not quite in Ari yet.

11-29-15_5-50-05 PM

11-29-15_7-26-54 PM

11-28-15_2-24-26 AM

Hopefully someone will spark our heir’s love soon. For now though she’s content to fish and paint.

11-27-15_11-34-49 PM

11-27-15_11-36-37 PM

11-28-15_1-08-27 AM

11-28-15_1-13-54 AM

11-28-15_12-15-22 AM

11-28-15_12-21-11 AM

11-28-15_12-22-11 AM

11-28-15_12-43-53 AM

I’ve not seen this cat painting yet! I love it! In other news, Connie passed away, unsurprisingly. She was eager to meet back up with Bane. It was kind of sad since no one in the family mourned her.

11-27-15_7-39-31 PM

Luthor’s next on Grim’s list although with his long-lived trait there’s no telling how much more time he has. He’s created a video game “Vampire Mask” and the accompanying kid’s book “Vampire Babies.” He spends a lot of time on the computers these days.

11-29-15_6-20-27 PM

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