9.8 Alton & Elleanor

Alton is awesome. Bet you’re suprised to hear that from me, but it’s true. It was only a couple days after our adult birthday. I’d given myself a new makeover, my previous outfits were too, childish. I really wish *someone* would hurry up and download some CC clothes for us. So many outfits are out of the running since they’ve been used too much before. I don’t want to copy my ancestor’s fashion sense.11-27-15_7-12-53 PM

Mot of my time was spent in the garden before I met Alton. Weeding, watering, and most importantly harvesting. There’s so much money to be made by selling these fruits and vegetables.

11-27-15_11-27-24 PM

I also decided to try mediation. We have so much money these days that no one knows how to spend it all. So I made a little garden out back and gave it a try.

11-29-15_6-05-20 PM

It’s boring. I’m so glad Alton appeared in time to save me from that monotony. I convinced him to move in as soon as I could. He works as a musician so I still work in the gardens in the morning. But once he comes home…

11-28-15_5-24-18 AM

He’s all mine.

11-28-15_5-32-53 AM

11-28-15_6-16-27 AM

You might think this is just the “honeymoon” phase and we’re start bickering like an old couple anytime now.11-28-15_6-16-12 AM

But, he already knows my worse trait. (And all my traits are pretty bad: Evil, Mean, Snob.) And still he has a whim on his panel to marry me! How could I let him go? Plus, the best bit? He plays guitar early in the morning for me!

11-29-15_7-22-10 PM

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  1. One of my very favorite, all-time gorgeous screenshots ever? The second one–that yellow dress in the garden, those close-up leaves, that obelisk in the background, those white mushrooms! So gorgeous!

    And their relationship is fantastic. I hope they have kids.

    Oh! What will you be doing with this family after? I think I’ve never asked about the future of the Pigglewiggles!

    Liked by 2 people

    • This couple is even more flirty than Hank and Liliana!

      I kind of commented on the forum as well, but yeah – I’m defiantly working harder at screenshot. More closeups and applying my photography techniques to the shots. Also I think after 9 generations I’m going for more ‘weird angle’ shots. Like the garden one through the leaves. I’ve been watching sims garden for over a year now. But when you play around a bit, if feels completely different.

      They will have kids. Not before my gen 10 kid at least not if they stay in the house sigh. I’ve got 7 sims in there right now. But I want to see the nooboos!

      The future of the Pigglewiggles is bright…like an all encompassing white light that blocks out any actual view of what will happen…I’ve got a lot of ideas, but nothing’s settled yet.

      Liked by 2 people

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