ISBI Flashback: Gen1.3

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Employing drastic measure: infant swings. (Please don’t put it on fast!)
See!? Works like a charm. Keeps the babies happy.
I have no idea what she took, but at least it wasn’t a baby.
Family Fun. Four kids isn’t so bad…
We finally had enough money to build a nursery!
What’s better than an outdoor birthday party with your imaginary friend, eh Rupert?
Aw, you’re a cutie too! Welcome to teenagerdom.
Peek-a-boo! I see you, Harold!
Sparkletime for Harold!
Sparkle time for Cynthia! I love these twins both of them have the same favorite color: Hot pink!
Want to know a secret? Melville got an A in school ALL BY HIMSELF. #ImpossibleMoments
How many kids does an ISBI need?
They’re so cute when they’re sleeping. And only when they are sleeping according their older brothers.
Eventually you stop teaching them to walk. But we’re still trying now. Go, Cynthia, Go!
Mom, where did this baby come from? (That makes five kids if you’re counting. And I’m counting!)
I really can’t get enough of toddlers. Sigh. Yes. I’m in that camp.
I think the inside was too full of screaming children for the boys.

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  1. You know, I don’t think I’d have any problems if the Repoman took a baby, hahaha. Happens in fairytales when the farmer can’t pay for something, right? “Here, have my baby!”

    I really like the picture of Melville doing his homework under the tree… just the way the leaves are casting shadows. Looks so peaceful.

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