9.11: My New Home

Hello world! Pretty sure we’ve already been introduced, but just in case my name is Minkz. (Pronounced Minks – like the fuzzy animal.)
12-05-15_1-35-05 AM

And this is my new home.

12-05-15_1-27-43 AM

12-07-15_12-19-12 AM

12-07-15_12-17-45 AM

12-06-15_1-19-57 AM

12-07-15_12-14-04 AM

12-07-15_12-12-57 AM

12-07-15_12-23-47 AM

12-07-15_12-25-08 AM

12-07-15_12-26-09 AM

Not your traditional house photos? Well you never know when a photo you take will be a miracle or a dud.

12-03-15_5-22-42 AM

You have to take a lot of duds to get the miracles. I can tell you that. You might think of me as ‘just a repairman’ and I won’t deny that I’m pretty handy around the house. But my true passion, my creativity? I put that into photography. I love trying to find out if I can say something new from an unusual angle or a weird closeup. Plus how however do you look at the corners of your house?

I do more ‘normal’ pictures too. I’m working on making a studio downstairs and everyone is kind enough to let me practice on them. Hopefully I can make a living doing this someday.

12-05-15_2-05-36 AM

12-05-15_2-23-05 AM

12-05-15_3-08-37 AM

12-06-15_1-10-36 AM

12-05-15_2-01-04 AM

Aw, yeah, you guessed it! Ari and I are going to be parents! I couldn’t have been more thrilled when she told me although since she woke me out of sound sleep it took me a while to figure out what she was saying.

12-03-15_9-45-33 PM

A baby! I had to make sure to document the event thoroughly.
12-05-15_2-50-48 AM

12-06-15_1-21-29 AM

12-06-15_1-23-40 AM-2

12-06-15_1-24-48 AM-2

12-06-15_1-25-09 AM

12-05-15_3-09-58 AMThis was perhaps my best photo shoot. Isn’t my wife gorgeous? And she’s a pretty good sport as well. Plenty of other things were happening around the house while we were playing around in the basement. Life doesn’t just stop when you’re expecting and our house is pretty full of life these days.12-03-15_6-00-07 AM

12-03-15_7-13-37 AM

12-05-15_2-46-49 AM

I can’t help but take pictures when I see something happening. Because if you’re not watching, before you know it, it’s time to say good bye.

12-06-15_2-25-00 AM

12-06-15_2-25-28 AM

12-06-15_2-25-38 AM

12-06-15_2-27-36 AM

12-06-15_2-28-28 AM

12-06-15_2-28-49 AM

I will say even death give you opportunities to practice your craft. Do you think anyone will buy a black and white of this to hand in their living room?

12-06-15_2-33-45 AM

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  1. Aww Minkz! I love his voice! So chipper and happy. And his photographs of the house were amazing. 😀

    RIP Luthor! I’ll miss him a lot. He’s like the cool uncle of the family. (Great-uncle?)


    • Straight up uncle. He was Bane’s younger brother. But Bane took his time. Minkz had maxed photography which I really never played with until now. It was fun going around taking random pictures of the house.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, man! The words, “Plenty of other things were happening” were my tip-off, but those tears still sprung up when I saw Luthor standing in the hall like him. Possibly my favorite Pigglewiggle. 😦

    I’ll miss him.

    Well, congrats on the conception of gen 10! The story will be over–and a new one beginning–oh-so-soon!

    And Minkz is amazing. Love him and his photographer’s eye.

    Liked by 1 person

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