9.12 Betta Pigglewiggle

This is Betta. She’s a sweetie isn’t she?

12-06-15_2-38-04 AM

She was actually born right after Uncle Luthor died. The Grim may take, but life does find a way. It’s hard to be sad when there’s a tiny bundle of digits waving her arms in your face and blowing bubbles.

12-06-15_3-47-13 AM

Minkz adores her, you can tell by the way he looks at her with a silly sappy smirk on his face.

12-07-15_1-05-57 AM

Hello precious.12-07-15_12-13-15 AM

Of course we didn’t want to stop at just one. And technically, although I don’t like to be reminded, this is a legacy challenge. We’re not free until there’s a bouncing baby boy in our lives as well.

12-06-15_12-51-19 AM

Hank and Liliana moved down the street to start a family of their own. This is Clyde Pigglewiggle.

12-07-15_3-10-43 AM

Minkz and I decided to have our honeymoon in Granite Falls soon after little Betta was born.

12-07-15_1-14-22 AM

You’ll be surprised to know I spent my time fishing. I was hoping to find new fish. But Granite Falls is in the same biome as Willow Creek and all I foundd were the same fish. Minkz took a lot of photos and took care of me by cooking and keeping me company.

12-07-15_1-14-15 AM
12-07-15_1-20-35 AM
12-07-15_1-39-43 AM

12-07-15_1-22-35 AM

12-07-15_1-49-39 AM
12-07-15_1-40-04 AM
12-07-15_1-41-10 AM

12-07-15_1-42-13 AM

12-07-15_1-49-46 AM
12-07-15_1-50-41 AM

Oh! I almost forgot, and Ell would kill me if I did… she’s pregnant too!

12-07-15_2-23-51 AM

And Minkz consented to give her her own pregnant photo shoot after I told her how fun it is and she decided to give it a whirl.

12-07-15_2-36-53 AM

12-07-15_2-38-17 AM

I wonder which one of us will pop first?12-07-15_2-24-18 AM

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