ISBI Flashback: Gen 1.4

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Sniff. They grow up so quick.
Sparkles are kind of like a rocket explosion, aren’t they?
I don’t think Harold truly appreciates being part of an ISBI. It’s like he hit teenager at age 8.
I thought I was doing better. This is my only shot of child Cynthia. She understands the importance of isbi sims giving me negative points. Or else I need to build a second bathroom.
Time to age up little Joseph.
Little Joseph aged up well. Is it just me or does he look like a vampire? Despite the coloring, Micheal appears to be completely human…er sim.
I know I didn’t have Clio try for baby again. #AutonomousTryForBaby?
And yet, I ended up with twins again! Say hello to Shannon and Erika. I’m not sure where the green coloring came from.
Clio isn’t as excited as her husband for the next stage of life. I am though, no more nooboos!
And hello new torchbearer! I’m sorry your birthday was outside in the snow…I’m a terrible person.

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