Binding of Issac Rebirth

I posted about this a while back . . . like technically before this blog was a thing. Post 1. Post 2. That was the first Binding of Issac game. And I beat mom. Finally. And then tried to forget that there were more bosses to beat.

A while back there was a refresh/DLC version released. I hesitated. Then bought it. The graphics are different, but it runs leaner (they say). I can say it’s harder. The first creatures I fought were spiders…which weren’t even in the base game.

I died on floor one.

2015-12-14 23_15_12-Binding of Isaac_ Rebirth

Oh the game? Well the premise is that your mom is trying to kill you. (Your name is Issac – yes it’s vaguely biblical but most irreverent.) And you escape through the trap door into the basement. (It’s all in the intro.)

And then you have to travel from room to room defeating monsters and creatures. This is your tutorial. Your attack is your tears by the way. You cry at things.2015-12-14_00003

As you play you get better items and bonuses some from gold rooms, or other rooms, some from defeating each level’s boss.


I have just defeated the first boss. (Sorry it’s hard to get shots in the middle of these battles as I’m running around trying not to get hit by the blood or worse.) I now have a gold body! When things hit me, I still get hurt, but they freeze to “gold” for a few moments. Giving me time to run away.


Above is a “battle shot” – kind of. I am trying to kill the smiley poop creature in the top corner, but it’s pretty non-violent. Once you kill all the monsters in the room the doors open back up. And often a small treasure, gold, hearts, keys, bombs, will be given in thanks. They help you survive. You can see that I have 1 blue temporary heart and have lost half my normal health in the above battle.


Later on I shrank to itty bitty but that gave me an increase in speed and power. Well worth it! The pretty princess tiara was a gift from defeating the second boss, (Chubbs). Don’t bother to memorize that. The floor layouts, boss order, and room contents are all randomly generated. Every time you play it’s a different experience. If you’re lucky you can remember what the special bonuses items give you. (The princess hat gave me more money which I mostly used up in an arcade room trying to up my health and failing).


Later on I defeated the third boss on the third floor. He was new to this expansion, I think. At least I’d never seen it before. And um…not very appealing. This game is so…pretty. I know, I know. I will say, if the graphics scare you, you do get used to them. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


This was the lol room. It went LOL NOPE! All that gold, even a dime! But I don’t have any way to get the coins. You can get flying powers. But once you pass a level and go down, you can’t go back up. So you want to explore every room on every level, at least early on – to get as many power ups as you can. Sadly, I had to leave all this money behind.

And then I died again. This is a “rogue-like” game. That means you get one shot to clear it. When you die, you die and start over from the top level. I love the goodbye letters though. They show you all the stuff you got and what killed you as well as the level. And are just a cheerful way to end the game. I made it to the caves! (That would be the level directly after the basement. Oh well).


Maybe next time I can win. (HA! Unlikely.) But if you like quick games or procedural generated experiences and can stand the pixel gore. I do highly recommend Binding of Issac. And I think I’ll even recommend the Rebirth reboot. Lag can be a killer (literally) in these types of games. So if you just buy one (and really there’s no need to have both), buy Rebirth.

Many Faces of Issac


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