With the completion of my Pigglewiggle Legacy, I’ve got a lot planned for next year. Too much most likely – but we’ll see how it goes. I figured I’d try a schedule again to help me figure out what I “should” play since I want to play them all all the time.

Knowing me, I expect this to last a month. 😛

Monday: The Apocalypse begins on December 28th
Tuesday: Sidelines: Blue Peas Adventures or Sugar & Spice
Wednesday: Sims 3 or Sims 2 Story Post
Thursday: Other Sims 4 Challenge/Stories
Friday: Friday Thing (Non-sims stories and game reviews)

I’m also looking for a way to reorganize my main navigation. Since I will have several multi-generational stories going, calling out just one – like I did with the Pigglewiggles and having the rest under a single “other” category probably won’t work. But I don’t want to add too many items. In the coming weeks if you see a change and like or hate it, let me know and I’ll incorporate your feedback. (Of course if you read all these through the WordPress Reader, it’s a moot point).