Rebirth 1: Assignment

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Adam looked down at the paper in his hand. So this was the assignment? Was it something he could refuse? Not that he wanted to. Ever since he’d become a young adult he’d been waiting for this letter, for his placement, and now it had come.

Congratulation [Adam Childe],

After reviewing your skills and test scores we are pleased to offer you a position as [Planet Liaison] in our RRR Rebirth Project. This position is a [permanent] placement and [does] require travel. Attached you will find an overview of your job requirements and any other details you may need. To accept this placement please contact [Judy Howard] by [July 31]. Please note that if you refuse, you will not be eligible for future RRR project positions.


Judy Howard

There were two attachments. The first was an overview of what Planet Liaison entitled, the second about the location. He’d read them both numerous times but couldn’t help reading it again. This Glassbolt seemed an alien place…of course it was alien.

Summary of Planet Glassbolt from Astro-Explorer Dylan Pigglewiggle

Glassbolt is the third planet around the Kerbal system and is similar to our own planet in that it can and does support life. The colonization of Glassbolt occurred generations ago and the colony was one that was forgotten. The population is mainly sims and is small in number and primitive in culture. They have not been connected to the outside world since they arrived on Glassbolt until I arrived.

The planet’s gravity is very heavy. I was only just able to move my breath felt labored. Only the most fit should travel to Glassbolt. Natives have adapted to the gravity but I fear any Sim born elsewhere will struggle. Additional dangers include an invisible radiant rain which will kill any non-native plant. It is not safe to travel during these invisible storms and they are hard to predict. The terraforming here was never completed before they lost contact.

The natives here do not have any type of centralized government, they are ruled by gang families who rule through fear. There is little to no infrastructure for mass agriculture, machine factories, or commercial pursuits. There is no electrical grid or water sanitation or medical facilities, but the natives are not so different from us and would welcome changes.

I recommend a reestablish of relations with Glassbolt.

Dylan Pigglewiggle 

The technical report followed. Complete with seasonal structure (always summer), yearly temperatures, length of days and years (similar to where he was from). There was more on the flora and fauna as well as the political structure. The planet was primitive. Everything he was used to, libraries, parks, malls, would be absent. Could he live in such a place? As planet liaison his job would be to help create a bridge between the people and the sims on his homeworld. He could request aid and would manage any contact or trade between them. He and his family. It was a job for life a job for generations, his children would carry the same responsibilities as he did. At least that’s what the last page said.

Planet Liaison: A planet liaison is our representative on planets with lost colonies. All trade and communications between the two planets go through the liaison. This is a permanent and hereditary position as most lost colonies take generations to recover. Only those born to the liaison can inherit this position. If the liaison dies or is killed, another must be sent from the homeworld. Once a society is ready to reconnect fully, the planet liaison job will end.

06-06-15_11-52 AM

He looked down at the glass in his hand. There would be no zzzJuice either, none of the everyday items he was used to, cell phones, computers, hot water, medicine. Accepting meant he’d experience hardships he couldn’t even imagine. He’d have to sleep, at least 5 hours a night, could he do that?

06-06-15_11-52 AM-2

It sounded impossible. He picked up his phone and called Judy Howard. It sounded like a challenge.

06-06-15_11-53 AM

The situation has been altered, but the conditions and rules are based fully on Pinstar’s Apocalypse challenge. 

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  1. Awesome start! OMG I love the idea of the invisible rain! I have a feeling that will make things interesting later 😛 And what a creative twist on the Apocalypse challenge! Love it ^_^


  2. I love this! I always feel qualms about the traditional scenerio: I just hate the whole ecological disaster/end-of-civilization thing. But this, I love! And what a cool way to work in the multi-generational part! Poor Adam–he’s going to have to break his Zzz-juice dependence!


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