ISBI Flashback: Gen 2.2

Stay up to date with the Biblioteques on my Simblr: Simexperiments. We’ve been in a holding pattern for a while while Melville goes to University and we try to get our household under 10 sims so when he does find a girl we can start on generation.

Rupert did, however, find his bed. #isbiWins
And Rupert did make some friends….while standing in their bedroom like a creeper.
There should be more meat on this body.
Meeting the fairy paparazzi. And yes, it’s always raining in this game.
Class is out, now what?
Hmmm, a text message.
Wait – you just got home! Where are you headed off to, Melville?
Oh – That makes sense. Invited to a party again I see.
One of those parties.
Melville, you WANT to be a firefighter – don’t panic! University is more dangerous than we realized.
The house at the start of generation 2 (give or take a couple weeks). We have added an upstairs bedroom for our torch bearer.
Melville’s bedroom when he’s not at University.
Here we have Rebecca and Erika (purple). They are in the living room, which is where you will always find a toddler underfoot.
Shirley (green) does not look like she enjoys this game.
Shannon is our most adventurous toddler.

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