Highmeadow: A Wizard Tower

Highmeadow doesn’t celebrate the new year, so today our construction workers were busy making a wizard tower. The initial observatory has been in place for a long time. But the wizard has been living in a tent and it was time to get a proper home before they got angry.

The tower is connected to the castle by a stone bridge.We cleaned the look of the bridge as well. The interior of the tower  was filled with stone. Looking up from the “floor” of the tower. The hole goes up to the wizard’s shop.



Here is the observatory and the stairs down. Basically we cleaned out three rooms below and then decorated the shop and rooms. 2015-12-30_01.34.26





Tower completed, we took advantage of the holiday gift of ‘creative mode’ to do some work on the castle exterior and carve away at the excess blocks.



2015-12-30_02.36.51 The interior of the castle is next effort for our construction workers.

I’m playing minecraft on AKiss4Luck‘s minecraft server. Want more information? There is a link in Extra’s Mod’s that links to Eva’s website lists the mods we’re using. Also be sure to check out her youtube or twitch channels, she plays sims, minecraft, city building games, skyrim, and much more. Plus she is a wonderful person. You won’t regret watching her! I know I haven’t.


Your two cents,

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