Immigrant Tiny Living Challenge

There were two challenges I was pretty interested in. The Tiny Living Challenge where you live three generations on a lot with three tiny (5×5) houses and Pinstar’s Immigrant Challenge. I haven’t played much with the retail since it didn’t really fit in with any of my other stories at the time.

Here are the starting constraints, adapted by me.

  1. Have a YA sim with no charisma skill – either fresh out of CAS or cheat down the charisma.
  2. Build a tiny home according to the Tiny Living Challenge Rules
    1. Must be 5×5
    2. No living outside (hobbies outside are okay).
    3. Include at least 1 item from every furniture category except children’s stuff.
  3. You are a temporary citizen and can only make money from your retail store
  4. You can not have children or marry until you pay back your 2ok loan with interest.
  5. When you have 22000 in your family funds, cheat it out. Now you are a citizen.

I have no idea how the three generations will work yet, but I’m thinking each generation will get their own tiny store on my retail lot.

Here’s Natlei Waters.

12-31-15_10-56-34 PM

Here’s her tiny toy store.

12-31-15_10-56-23 PM

Here’s her tiny home.

12-31-15_10-34-27 PM

12-31-15_10-34-50 PM

12-31-15_10-35-09 PM

I’ve been playing this just for fun so there’s not a story here (I have enough of those), but I’ll post updates for you!

Natlei has been working hard.  If she wakes up early she’ll go for a run, otherwise she heads to the store and restocks.

01-01-16_2-17-18 AM

Then the store is open and she spends the day talking with customers. It’s quite a popular store.

01-01-16_1-59-17 AM

Her most popular items are the getaway bus and the robot toy. She closes the store around 9pm restocks, cleans the shop and then heads home.

01-01-16_2-48-25 AMAfter dinner she listens to music and then heads to bed. Tomorrow is the same.

12-31-15_11-20-11 PM

Some days Natlei doesn’t open the store. Instead she goes out with friends. She met Bella at the coffee shop.

01-01-16_1-13-51 AMCassandra invited her out to a dance party at the Estate. It’s a good way to relax after a long of work.12-31-15_11-56-10 PMEverywhere she goes, she meets new people. She love making to new friends.

01-02-16_3-59-41 AM

Next: Finding Love



    • It’s surprisingly fun and I needed something to distract me while I was writing and unable to play other games. Plus unlike my other saves, there’s premades in this game, like Hugo. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love the Immigrant Challenge! I’ve watched some of Pinstar’s videos of his version on Youtube and it looks pretty fun! All the best to you for it! I like the toy store. So much colour in such simple shelves! 🙂


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