“I want to see you.”

“Uh.” It was 9pm and Arturo had just gotten home. He’d been promoted at work and now worked even later than before. But he now worked directly with the the artists. It was exhilarating, but exhausting.

“There’s a party at the Estate,” Chana urged. Her voice melted his knees even over the phone.

And he really did want to see Chana, they’d been talking on the phone ever since they’d met back up at Molly’s Bar. They’d even gone on several dates, but it had been two days since he’d seen her. It felt like an eternity. He didn’t care how tired he was, he couldn’t wait.

Artruo and Chana and several others (Including Bella and Emeliano) are dancing to the DJ. They are rocking out. Chana has her cellphone lifted for light. Arturo has his fist in the air, all pumped up. Lights and smoke bedazzle.

He did not regret agreeing. DJ No Bias was playing the party, and he was Arturo’s favorite DJ. His playlist had a great a mix the Arturo’s favorite “classic” artists with the faster beats that really got your blood pumping.

They danced and drank and talked and danced.

“Hey Arturo.”

Arturo turned to fast, stumbling a bit from exhaustion and drink. Time to cut himself off. “Emeliano!” He grinned.

Arturo gestures expansively as he chats with his friend Emeliano near the bar. Emeliano wears a purple fist bump t-shirt.

“When we were all dancing earlier…you found her? The elusive Chana?”

“Yeah. We met up last week. She invited me out tonight…” he frowned and looked around. Where was Chana? There she was, still dancing, she waved when she saw he was looking. He waved back and smiled. How lucky was he? Someone bumped into him and  he lost his balance, stumbling forward into Emeliano.

Emeliano caught him. “Woah, man. You okay?”

“Just tired,” Arturo mumbled, swaying a bit on his feet as Emeliano steaded him. “Thanks.” The world had started spinning. It was probably the dance lights. He closed his eyes.

“Come on,” he felt Emeliano’s had on his shoulder and forced his eyes back open. “Let’s sit you down.”

Arturo allowed himself to be led to a nearby bench. Yes. That was a good idea. He’d just sit for a few minutes until he felt better. Chana was still dancing. She was so gorgeous. Her swaying hips were hypnotic.

Arutro watches Chana dance from the bench he's sitting on. The picture is blurred and spinning, the lights overly bright.

The image is entirely black. Poor Arturo has passed out.

Chana watched Arturo slowly slide down on the bench. Passed out. Poor guy. He’d been exhausted when he’d arrived. Selfishly, she was glad he’d said yes to coming out anyway. She missed him during the days. Although, she would have been just as happy to go to his place instead of out, but for some reason, he never invited her over.

She walked over to where Arturo slept.

His friend looked up as she approached. “Chana right? You should take him home.”

Arturo sleeps on the bench. Emeliano sits next to him, sipping his drink. Chana approaches the bench.

“I don’t know where he lives.”

“On the island.” Chana immediately felt jealous of this friend. He scratched his chin. “But, I’ve not been to his house, so I don’t know exactly where.”

So it wasn’t just her that wasn’t allowed into his abode. She decided that it was time to correct Arturo’s oversight.

“His ID should have his address. Will you help me get him to the car?”

The taxi dropped them off at a huge field. Chana looked around bewildered. Where was the house? A tiny tent sat all along in the distance.

“That’s why I didn’t want you to come over.” Arturo came up behind her, surprising her, she had left him in the car. But he was awake now.

Chana and Arturo are both on the lot, the tent and shower visible in the background. It's night so apologies if the image is too dark.

“But…” she wasn’t sure what to say. He was living in a tent?

“I’m saving up for a proper place, but I didn’t have much to begin with. The tent’s actually pretty new, as well.”

Chana stared at Arturo. He looked embarrassed to have been found out. It was adorable.

“Silly.” She leaned in close.

Chana leans close to Arturo (ingore the fact he's changed his outfit). She whispers into his ear.

“Is there room in your tent for two?” she whispered.

His kiss surprised her, but it was very welcome.

“Let’s find out,” His voice was low and sent a shiver up her spine.

Looking down on Arturo kissing Chana for the first time.

Hearts escape from the tent.

Arturo woke the next morning refreshed and relaxed. He was surprised to see Chana still sleeping next to him. He remembered the night clearly – well expect for the getting home bit, but it felt like a dream. He half expected her not to be there.

She opened her eyes and smiled lazily. “You’re always watching me.”

“You’re beautiful.”

“Kiss me.”

Tent picture again, this time with fireworks.

Arturo was on top of the world. He and Chana were officially dating and Chana was over more often than not. In fact, he was starting to dread the days when they couldn’t meet up  and the hours he spent without her stretched into eternity.

“Chana,” he’d thought long and hard about this. And now was the time. “I’ve got a serious question for you.”

Arturo is speaking to Chana on his lot. He's wearing his everyday outfit. Chana is smiling as she listens.

Her eyes lit up. He loved how her eyes sparkled when she smiled. He reached out to pull her close, drowning in her eyes. Lost in her kiss and embrace.

Arturo pulls Chana towards him for a kiss.

He almost lost his train of thought. “I love you,” he started again, “more than anything in the world. And I was wondering… hoping… I know it’s not much yet, but -”

“-Yes! I’ll marry you.” Chana said excitedly.

Arturo froze, he was happy, thrilled, but that was unexpected. “Um, no. I mean yes, I mean not yet. I was going to ask if you’d move in with me. I mean marriage is… is good.” He took a deep breath. “But not yet.”

Chana is down on one knee, ring in hand. Arturo is regeting it. This really happened! She proposed after their first night.

His heart broke a little to say the words, but he wasn’t ready yet. He wanted to have a house at least.

“Oh.” She flushed with embarrassment. “I though – erm.” She took a deep breath. “I’d love to move in with you Arturo.”

Chana wasn’t sure what she’d been thinking. Oh, she had been more than willing to marry Arturo and living him wasn’t that different. But she put off her move-in date until he’d managed to put together a little shack. She didn’t think sharing a tiny tent would have been a very good idea in the long term.

However, once she moved in she wished she’d done it earlier. The island was gorgeous.Chana leans over to get a better view of the ocean from the lot.

And she enjoyed exploring early in the morning while Arturo slept. She hadn’t caught any fish yet, but she kept hoping she would so she could surprise him with a proper breakfast.Chana is watching a salmon leap out of the water. It does not fall for her bait.

Sadly it looked like yogurt and cereal again today. She’d planted a small garden as well, but it wasn’t ready to harvest by a long shot. She missed her garden back home. Well, this was her home now and she wasn’t going to regret it. Everyday with Arturo was like magic.Chana's garden is literally three small plants and one mound of freshly watered dirt. But she seems happy.

“I liked that song,” she said as the note faded away. “What’s it called?” Arturo often played for her when he woke up.

Arturo stands in front of Chana (back to the camera). Chana is sitting in a camping chair eating yogurt.

“Thanks. It doesn’t have a name yet.” He sat down next to her. “And, it’s not quite right yet, there’s something missing in the transition.” He closed his eyes and she could see him fingering the cords, trying to play through the piece again.

“You’re going to your club today right?” She asked. She wasn’t jealous of his club, not really. She was more jealous of the time they got to spend with him.


They sat in silence for a few minutes. She wondered if she should ask him, would he be upset? But holding back wasn’t really her style. “Can I come?”

He looked at her surprised. “If you want to.” And then he grinned. “I bet you’d fit right in!”

True to his word, Chana was introduced to the other club members that very day. For the most part they were welcoming.

Arturo (again back to the camera) plays the guitar for a circle of girls. Right to Left Chana, Katie (who is looking sideways as Arturo and not all that happy), Bella, and Ashley who are both smiling at Chana.

Arturo played his new song for them. Chana could see what the group offered him. They were complimentary, but they really knew their stuff. Bella in particular helped Arturo track down where his pacing was off. By just slowing the measure down, it completely changed the transition and the song was that much better.

Chana chatted with Ashley as Arturo was involved in a spirited book discussion. Neither of them had read the book. She glanced over to where Bella was talking with Katie.

Inside the cafe, Arturo sits at the front table chatting to two other women, Chana sits a the back table with Ashely. Nearby Bella is speaking to Katie.

“Does she not like me?” She asked nodding towards Katie. The other woman had been, well not rude, but Katie had kept glancing at her when she though Chana wasn’t looking. She remembered suddenly that this was the girl Arturo had been with that night at the bar. Had they been dating despite what Arturo had said?

“Katie? No, I don’t think so.” Ashley assured her. “But she was just a little sweat on Arty, there. She’s known he was with you for weeks now, but I guess seeing you…” Ashley shrugged. “She’ll get over it.”


Ashley laughed. “Well, you know, it fits him, don’t you think?”

Chana hesitated to agree, but Ashley was right.

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Author’s Note: DJ No Bias is a Sim from BBQPenguinWings’s Dance Windenburg series that she’s starting. Since it’s the only DJ I know, hopefully she won’t mind me borrowing him for the night. Also it’s true that Chana proposed to Arturo after they’d only spent one night together. I was trying to get him to invite her to move in and she interrupted with her proposal. Which Arturo rejected. Since he’s completely enthralled by her, I figured it was just to soon. Luckily she was only embarrassed and not mortified otherwise this story would have turned very dark, very quickly.