4 Pt5: Alduin

In which Leona travels in time and prepares to fight the world-eater.

The Elder Scroll in Skyrim
I had no idea such a thing existed in Skyrim

Elderscroll in hand I returned to the mountain where Paarthurnax dwelt. He had me read the scroll in the time scar which showed me a vision of my ancestors defeating dragons. And defeating the world-eater himself, Alduin.

I watched brave Nords fight the dragons in the past.
I heard the shout for Dragonrend, and knew it.
I watched them cast Alduin into the future…into my present.

Or rather imprisoning him in time. They knew the word that no one else knows, Dragonrend. And by watching them. I too, now know this thuun.

As expected, Alduin came to the mountain top as soon as I returned to the present.

Alduin is full of bluster.

He had spoken of consuming dragonborn like me before, but with Dragonrend I kept him pinned to the ground and he was unable to defend himself on wing against my onslaught. I had him!

On the ground, he could not do as much damage to me.

But, Alduin, the coward that he, is fled before the final blow. Promising retribution and claiming he was still undefeated. Ha!

The battle was chaotic and it was hard to keep the dragons seperate.

Paarthurnax and I spoke after he’d left and it was decided we must capture a dragon follower of his and force it to tell us where Alduin is hiding. I must go to Whiterun to speak the the Jarl. He must allow us to use it keep, it is the best chance we have of imprisoning a dragon.

The walk down the mountain and back to Whiterun proved uneventful. I found a small next of bandits and some wolves threatening the villages.

Skyrim at dawn.

I did however upon arriving in the valley, see a dragon off in the distance. I approach to be certain it wasn’t causing any danger to the surrounding fields. It seemed content to fly. I left it alone. Perhaps after I speak to the Jarl, I will imprison that dragon, since it is so close to the town.

Whiterun is as it always is, folks speak about vampire attacks though and not dragon attacks. How shortsighted not to see the true danger of Alduin and his kind. The dragons enslaves the Nords in the past and the only reason we are free today is that those past dragonborn sent him into the future. Otherwise we would still be under their rule. Vampires might be a danger at night, but they are not dragons. Is it that the Nords don’t feel they can fight dragons? That they are too powerful? While vampires are the lesser danger and with a good stake through the heart or burst of flame they can be defeated by the brave?

I have returned to Whiterun.

I shall leave these vampires to the Dawngaurd and concentrate on what perhaps only I can do, fight back the dragons and find Alduin. My appointment with the Jarl is for tomorrow.

Yes, It has been a while since I played Skyrim. Some of you may know I was writing this story before I started writing sim-lit. Here you can read the start of Leona’s Trasnformation  from scared teen running from a giant, to the hero she is today. Hopefully I can finish off her tale soon, although I have other Skyrim stories I’m interested in telling, I won’t start them until this is complete.

I honestly though this story was almost over, that the fight at the Throat of the World against Alduin was the end of the main questline. And the battle was frustrating since you can only hurt him when he’s landed and with two dragons in the air, I kept downing the wrong dragon and then dying. That was two months ago. Today I defeated him on my first try and realized the story continued. I forgot how much I adore this game.

Oh! Lastly, if you’re interested in the mods I use, check out my mods page.

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    • I’m getting better…practice helps! It’s a bit different to craft a story around a game, so I’m kind of glad I tried all kinds of things this past year to see what works well.

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