Adam's house is mainly washed brick on the bottom, and plain wood near the roof. The windows are small. There is a tiny pipe chimney.

Rebirth 4: A New Home

Adam volunteered to do the day’s fishing. Half in thanks for them allowing him to stay, and half to get out of the overcrowded house. He rested several times on the way although he already felt stronger than he had the previous day. He took his time though and during his breaks he was able to look around his new home.

The scenery was stunning. Jagged rocks sheltered the small community, protecting it, Adam was told, from the worst of the weather. That natural protection made this community the largest on Glassbolt which of course was why the authorities had chosen it as Adam’s new home. He could see small plants struggling in the dry climate, plants that grew bigger and more frequent the closer he got to the river.
Adam stands in front of a blue blue river, fishing. As always Glassbolt pictures have a bit too much red and blue in them.

The river was wide and deep and clear. Adam had never been fishing back in Oasis Springs, but he was confident he could figure it out quickly. He wasn’t a wonder child for nothing. Abaraham had given him a pole, a handful of hooks, and a small pail to put the fish in that he caught. He filled the pail with water. There were no coolers here, so the longer the fish lived, the fresher it would be when he cooked it up.

Adam settled himself into a shady spot, cast his line into the clear waters and waited.

Adam is casting his line, as Michel comes up behind him.

“Morning!” a familiar voice called as Adam was placing his latest catch into the bucket with the other two fish he’d caught. They were small, but he figured it would be enough for Abrahama’s family. He turned with a smile.

“I was afraid you’d left,” he admitted, greeting Michel as he slid down the last of the path to the waters edge.

“Soon, but I wanted to say goodbye first. It’ll be five years before we meet again. Who knows what your situation will be like,” Michel clapped the younger man on the shoulder and gave him a wide grin. “You could be married and buried in children.”

Adam laughed. “You staying for dinner?” He gestered to the bucket.

“No, I gotta make it out before evening if I’m to avoid the worst of the winds. I’ll just rest here a bit and then head back.”

“I’ll walk with you.”

It felt weird to be staying and for Michel to be leaving. Of everyone here, only Michel knew where he’d come from and how different this planet was. He wouldn’t be able to share or confide in him the way they had on the flight over. Michel was right, five years was a long time.

Taking his leave of everyone, Michel did not delay his departure much. He waved goodbye to the children who’d gathered near his ship, given Adam a hug in support, and promised Whatshername that he’d do his bet to get all the items on her list. And then with a blast, kicking up the purple red dust, he was gone.

Michel's ship (rocket) takes off. It is dark, but still early in the evening. Adam is watching.

Adam walked with the Main family back to their house where he finished preparing dinner for them. He even used some of this own spices to help the fish which were, to his taste, rather bland. That evening, while everyone slept, Adam got to work updating his working plans. He would have to figure out how he could best start helping Glassbolt. Not until their society was on par with the sims back home, could a full connection be reestabilshed.

“You’ve been up all night?” Abraham surprised Adam as the old man came down the stairs. He was suprised to find it already dawn. Adam set down his papers and shrugged.

Adam at the table, chats to Abraham who is sitting on the couch nearby.

“I’ve never slept much,” he admitted as Abhraham sat down next to him.

“So, I must ask.” Abraham said with a faint smile. “What does a Liason do? They were rather vague on that.”

“My instructions were rather vague as well. I get the feeling that this is a new position for them. It’s not been long since space travel was possible again back home. I don’t think they expected to find sims who’d left home before out here. They’re scrambling, I think.”

“So basically it’s the same as it has always been.” Abraham gave a heavy sigh.

“Not entirely, Michel’s ship will return regularly and so there will be somethings that are new. We can request specific supplies and materials to improve life here. My job right now, is to figure out what I can do to help the most before the ship returns.”

Abraham smiled at that a little sadly. “And then another five years to get that. I won’t expect changes right away then.”

Adam has moved to the couch where he and Abraham are talking.

“It’s best to have changes come organically and slowly. Change too fast and that invites disaster and the culture can’t adapt and integrate.” Adam had been reading a lot of sociological studies in the past few weeks.

“Well, I’m sure you know best. After breakfast, I’ll have Rodriquez take you round to your new house, they should be finished.”


Adam's house is mainly washed brick on the bottom, and plain wood near the roof. The windows are small. There is a tiny pipe chimney.
The house was larger than Adam had been expecting, not quite as large as Abraham’s house, but nearly and it quite spacious for a single sim. Brady Rodriquez was happy to meet their newest resident.

“This place hasn’t been used in a while. But we fixed it up.”

Adam stands (tiredly) in front of his door. Another man, blond is showing him around.Inside was dark however as the only lights came from small windows cut high in the walls. The furniture was faded and worn. Adam suspected it was from the original settlers, although it had been patched over the years. Table, chairs, sofa, and shelves in the common room downstairs. The bed was upstairs.

01-06-16_7-08-51 PM

01-06-16_7-09-08 PM

01-06-16_7-09-38 PM

He looked around not sure if he was good stunned or bad stunned. This was to be his home for now. This dark run down box in the middle of a dangerous land. But, this was home now.

01-06-16_8-00-52 PM


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