City Builders 1: SimCity 2000

The year is 1994 (maybe 1995), imagine a little high school raerei in the house library with our family’s single computer. A Macintosh performa 360. Playing one of the few games that were available on a mac at that time.

Music for ambiance:

Simcity 2000 is my first city builder and therefore perfect for the start of my Friday Thing City Builders!

2016-01-28 18_32_34-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

When this game was cheap on Origin, I snatched it up for the nostalgia. I think we had SimCity. But this was the game I played until the wee hours of the morning. It’s a hard game to play these days. either up-sampled on my giant monitor or locked into a tiny 600 pixel screen (which is why my screenshots are so small. I played for just under an hour.

But here it is: Raereiville!

2016-01-28 18_41_55-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2KRemember newspapers? Yeah – they don’t even deliver them in TS4 these days. But back in the 90s, you got them from time to time and could see kind of how your city was doing and even click on all the little stories.

2016-01-28 18_42_07-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

2016-01-28 18_42_19-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

The humor in this game!! I’m glad Sims still has a bit of it’s humor. Half the news are vaugly real-world related, half are just bizarre, and the rest are game-related.

Okay, let’s get started. The first step in any city builder is roads and power. Since I started in 1900, I could only pick coal, oil, and hydro for my power. None are great options, and without a good waterfall, hydro was out. I picked coal…cuz it’s cheaper than oil and I like pollution?

2016-01-28 18_45_14-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

And yes, it took me a “game” year (set at llama speed) to remember how to find the power plants. Click on the “power lines” icon and you get a drop down with the lines and the plants. All the icons have drop down menus on them with more options.

2016-01-28 18_46_10-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2KI also zoned some industrial. When you start, you need a lot of industry to attract the folks, then houses to live in, then shops and stuff. Yellow is the industrial color for a lot of these games. I wonder, did it start with the first SimCity or even earlier? You can see your city’s zoning needs in the tiny RCI chart in the tool bar (the green is residential, blue commercial, and yellow industrial).

I went wild and crazy and decided to TUNNEL to the nearby lake for my main town, leaving the industrial area over by the edge of the map since it pollutes. Sorry Villa, you get my pollutions, mwhahaha!

2016-01-28 18_53_29-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

Sadly the power lines are visible (for now) over the mountain. They are erased when buildings pop up. But until you zone and get buildings you need them on the surface.

In this game you also need to water to all your buildings. Pumps are used to get the water, water towers to store it, and pipes (which are automatically laid down when buildings pop up) are needed to cross streets and long building-less districts.

2016-01-28 18_51_17-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

If you run out of water the buildings become abandoned. Unfortunately often doesn’t tell you so you turn around and half your town is black and dead. Is it power? Is it water? Is it Godzilla? Who knows? Certainly not I?

Every year in game you get to see the budget to see how your town is doing.
2016-01-28 18_53_14-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

Here you can adjust how much you pay for things and see how much you’re making and spending. I was making 62 a year in taxes in 1907 and my expenses was only 2. Sadly My budget did not remain that good.

Sometimes the citizens “demand” things – usually expensive things.

2016-01-28 19_00_21-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

And once you satisfy their need for police…they just want more. By 1914, I was down to 9k and now they wanted fire protection.

2016-01-28 19_04_22-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

I did however build out the lake front quite nicely, I think. half of it is low residential (the small houses) and half is high residential. Bordered with commercial and the annoying demanded Police Station.

2016-01-28 19_08_00-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

You can turn disasters on in case running out of money isn’t your main problem. (Lol). You can also turn them off. I didn’t and in 1919 disaster struct the tiny land of RaereiVille.

2016-01-28 19_11_59-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

Luckily the earthquake wasn’t centered in my town so no buildings were destroyed or set on fire. Which is good cuz as you can see by my newspaper headlines, I still hadn’t given them fire protection! Poor little citizens of Raereiville.

I stopped playing in 1926. That’s still very very early in the game.  I was down to only 7k in the bank. But I had a pretty nice “lake city” in the works. And the annoying fire station and hospital. They were spoiled which was why I was out of money. Next up would be either to expand the main town in the valley, or perhaps expand up the hills. I also was running out of industry room. So I’d need to find a safe place for my polluters to expand to as well, if I were to continue playing.

2016-01-28 19_21_51-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

You can do a lot more with this game if you play longer. They also have scenarios you can play or other cities you can load up that are pre-made. And funny story, looking through the games, I caught a familiar name: Bridgeport.

2016-01-28 18_39_31-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

This is Bridgeport.

2016-01-28 18_41_19-DOSBox 0.73, Cpu Cycles_ 20000, Frameskip 0, Program_ SC2K

And with that I leave you with my first city builder game.


      • Yes! I have SimCity, Sim City 4, and Cities: Skylines. I used to be SO BAD at even starting the game because I could never get the power and pipes figured out. Now that I’m older I FINALLY have it figured out, LOL!

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  1. I’ve been playing Simcity or any other City Builder game since the time I found that they existed.
    Loving the new Simcity and Cities Skylines.
    But truth be told, I don’t think they’ll come with new installments. What are your thoughts on this /


  2. ACCCCKKKK!!!! XD The nostalgia! We had a Macintosh Performa 550 :-p And no, the original SimCity didn’t have the colored zones because it was in black and white LOL. That’s what we had. You had to plop each type of building manually. Needless to say, when I finally played a more modern version, I was so grateful just to be able to crate zones and watch them grow. But I looooooooooved that game!

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    • Before our 360 we had the Macintosh Apple as our family computer, I don’t know if we had the original back for that game. Looking at screenshots for the original it looks half-familiar. But I know that SimCity2000 was the game I played the most of on that computer. Before that I played Tetris and an educational math game. 😛

      Liked by 2 people

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