TI – Photographer’s Eye

01-23-16_8-07-31 PM
Aarde has a photographer’s eye.
01-23-16_7-45-15 PM
First friend as a teenager. Jonas is way too cool for his own good.
01-23-16_7-47-36 PM
Best Friends!
01-23-16_7-48-42 PM
Aarde thought this picture was particularly poetic in sepia.
01-23-16_7-49-31 PM
Ooh – lights! Look how the clouds reflect the setting sun, and the streetlamps are just turning on.
01-23-16_8-09-29 PM
Should we be worried about Aarde?
01-24-16_8-52-05 PM
I’m sure he’s not getting into any trouble.
01-24-16_9-00-02 PM
Night on the town!
01-24-16_9-00-42 PM
This kid is always flirty.
01-24-16_9-10-40 PM
Now it’s Natlei’s birthday.
01-24-16_9-11-17 PM
Making a wish.
01-24-16_9-13-39 PM
I think she looks awesome.
01-24-16_9-21-39 PM
But more importantly, what does Gunther think of Natlei’s new look?
01-24-16_9-21-51 PM
Yup, still got it, Natlei.
01-24-16_9-24-30 PM
Romantic poetry in the new hot tub. What could go wrong? (Don’t ask!!!)
01-27-16_1-55-19 PM
Not my smartest mood, but I can’t deny these two anything.
01-25-16_7-18-18 AM
Not sure why Aarde took this picture of the shop.
01-25-16_7-16-54 AM
He’s selling his photos now. They’re pretty popular.
01-27-16_2-05-01 PM
Every day is a busy day at Natlei’s shop.
01-25-16_7-26-52 AM

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