Huffman Legacy1.9 – This Isn’t Pre-Parental Panic

01-10-16_3-13-08 AM

01-10-16_3-15-43 AM

01-10-16_3-16-31 AM

01-10-16_3-16-49 AM

01-10-16_3-17-20 AM

01-10-16_3-17-51 AM

01-10-16_3-17-57 AM

01-10-16_3-18-39 AM

01-10-16_3-18-53 AM

01-10-16_3-23-12 AM

01-10-16_3-23-26 AM

01-10-16_3-23-53 AM

01-10-16_3-23-40 AM

01-10-16_3-24-10 AM

01-10-16_3-25-22 AM

01-10-16_3-24-31 AM

01-10-16_3-24-43 AM

01-10-16_3-25-13 AM

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Authors Note: Sigh.


  1. I don’t know what I love about this more, the way there was an actual viewing window and he he watched from outside (heh, makes sense considering the way TS4 treats childbirth like a surgical procedure!) or that he’s doing the parent dance unabashedly in those heart boxers. ❤

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  2. Awwww such a lovely wordless chapter!!! I don’t have GTW yet so I always love seeing these types of scenes.

    They are going to be wonderful parents!!!

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    • I think wordless are my favorite. 🙂

      It can get tiring after a while to do the whole hospital route, but I’ve never had any major issues and i like getting the birth certificates.

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