Huffman Legacy 1.13 – A Perfect Day

01-21-16_5-50-56 AM

01-21-16_5-50-26 AM

01-21-16_5-54-32 AM

01-21-16_5-53-24 AM

01-21-16_5-56-43 AM

01-21-16_7-52-04 AM

01-21-16_5-59-30 AM

01-21-16_5-57-10 AM

01-21-16_5-57-56 AM

01-21-16_5-58-15 AM

01-21-16_5-58-30 AM

01-21-16_7-54-15 AM

01-21-16_5-58-36 AM

01-21-16_7-54-29 AM

01-21-16_7-54-48 AM

01-21-16_5-58-59 AM

01-21-16_7-55-25 AM

01-21-16_7-55-20 AM

01-21-16_7-53-18 AM

01-21-16_7-55-38 AM

01-21-16_7-55-42 AM

01-21-16_6-01-27 AM

01-21-16_6-01-34 AM

01-21-16_6-00-33 AM

01-21-16_6-03-18 AM

01-21-16_8-01-18 AM

01-21-16_6-07-41 AM

01-21-16_8-00-09 AM

01-21-16_6-04-39 AM

01-21-16_8-03-28 AM

01-21-16_8-01-25 AM

01-21-16_6-06-30 AM

01-21-16_8-03-31 AM

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Author’s Note: Arturo finally whimmed a marriage! But just to spite me, the game crashed at the end of the wedding and we lost all that progress. So he had to marry again. Looking at his face in the last picture though, I don’t think he minded as much as he thought he would. The park is built by a friend of mine, ThePlumbob, for her Build Newcrest Challenge. Isn’t it lovely? Download it yourself from the gallery: Ruby Perrin Memorial Park. Why is it called that? Read her story on her blog and find out! (Don’t worry it’s featured in generation 1).


    • Thanks, it was fun to capture the wedding rice, I thought I had a ton of pictures, but once again, almost all were of the ceremony and not the party after! Be assured, the after party was just as fun.

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    • I like to invite everyone I can through the social event menu, and then once they are all there, have family members invite their friends as well, they don’t always show up, or show up in proper clothes, but I like giving everyone a chance to join in!

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      • I do the same, with Sims who enjoy large groups! I always want everyone to get to come! And it makes it so much fun for me to read your party chapter when you do that! I love seeing all the familiar faces!

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  1. I loved the random alien in some of the pics it was priceless. Sam looked especially dapper and Chana was stunning!! Good Ol’ Arturo was in his element with his guitar and all of the people he loved in one room – Just :;sigh:: awesome!!

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    • The alien is actually the father of Sam’s best friend whom we meet in tomorrow’s post. He’s a family friend, but hasn’t gotten any “airtime” yet.

      It’s kind of funny, you’ll see the same sims for days on end and they become great friends, and then they’re gone. I guess that’s like real life, probably moved away or something.


  2. How great to see the park in other people’s game, especially for such a lovely occassion! Congratulations to the newlyweds, they’ve been through so much together.

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  3. Awwww such a beautiful day!! I love Arturo rocking out at the reception and Sam playing with one of Bella’s twins!!

    Chana’s red dress was gorgeous! Love the wordless chapters where you can use your imagination for exactly the ‘feels’ you as a reader wants!

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