Huffman Legacy 1.14 – Samuel’s Minions

On Saturday, the Huffman’s went to the city park. Arturo wanted to get some tunes in, Chana wanted out of the house, and Sam…well, Sam wanted to do everything he could.park-attack

There were jungle gyms, slides, a giant space ship, flower beds, chess boards, and plenty of sidewalk for chalk. Space pirate Sam climbed to the very top of the ship. To the crow’s next and searched for alien ships to shoot at.

01-20-16_7-04-37 AM

Luckily before too long, there was a clear sign of alien interference. And the ships pilot wasn’t looking in the right direction. He almost spoiled the whole thing by running into the alien ship. Sam shouted quickly to man the battle-stations and attack on his command.

“Minions ahoy! To the left!” His minions obeyed.

01-20-16_7-05-40 AM

The battle was fierce and a flurry of bubbles made it almost impossible to see past the ships bow, but eventually they were victorious. Defeated the alien ship which fell over onto the ground and gurgled satisfactorily. Sam and his new friend made a pact to defeat any other alien they came across and protect the world from from the ongoing alien invasion.

All too soon, in Sam’s opinion, the sun was going down and it was time to leave. His dad made sure that he got his new friend’s name before they had to leave though. And Sam knew exactly what he was going to do on their next day off. It would be revenge of the space pirates all day long.

01-20-16_7-08-20 AM


Sam raced across the field to home. He could see his mom waiting outside. Was he late? He didn’t think so, he increased his speed anyway in case she was mad at him.


He didn’t want her to be mad at him, today was the day Frank was supposed to come over. But, he did remember that she had been acting funny this morning, like she was upset or something. Come to think of it, Dad had been acting weird too. He skidded to a halt in front of her. Eyeing her suspiciously, but she seemed happy. She was smiling. She wouldn’t smile if she was upset, would she?

“I’m home! Am I late?” He panted and threw his arms around his mom. 01-20-16_6-50-19 AM

“Not at all. I just had something important to tell you.”

“Is Stefan still coming over?”

“Yes, his mom just called to say he’ll be over soon, but it’s not that.” She continued and he suppressed his jubilant shout. He almost turned away to scan the horizon for his friend. But paused and she continued. “I wanted to tell you this morning, but…well.” She took a deep breath. “You’re going to have a baby sister.”01-20-16_6-50-40 AM

Sam froze. A baby sister, eh? He wasn’t exactly sure what to think about it.

“Will I have to share my room?”

His mom laughed. “We can talk about that later, I just wanted you to know so you can think about it. Come in an have some cookies and change your clothes, Stefan should be here soon.”

01-20-16_8-00-03 AM

“A baby sister?” Stefan mused. “I dunno, babies cry all the time.”

“Yeah,” Sam had to agree, but still, he just couldn’t help but get excited a little. She wouldn’t be a baby forever and then Sam One-Eye would have his very own minion to help him on his adventures. Swab the deck and all that.


“Wanna meet your sister, Isabelle?”

Sam nodded. It felt like his mother had been pregnant for ages.

01-21-16_5-19-20 AM

He had watched her stomach grow daily. Half afraid and half fascinated. How did his sister fit in there? He knew she was growing bigger all the time. That’s what dad had said when he asked. But how small did she have to she be? Did she take up all the space inside? He reached out tentatively.

01-21-16_5-20-00 AM

01-21-16_5-20-27 AM

01-21-16_5-20-54 AM

“I felt something!”

“That was her kicking. She’s an active one, like you were. And she likes moving around, just like you do.”

“Cool.” Sam couldn’t wait to meet her.

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Author’s note: The disadvantage of having multiple outfits per sim is if they change their clothes you can’t make it the same scene. I have a lot more park pictures I wanted to use today. But they will have to wait. And as much as I wanted to have Stefan over for longer, I left the game in the middle of his visit and when I returned he’d aged up. Sims age fast, I agree – but I couldn’t quite believe he’d age up cloudgazing in our backyard. Ah, the fun those boys could have had.

And this is it for Huffman week. After this we’ll return to our regularly semi-scheduled stories, but I wanted to catch up to where I was in game so I could play this again. They’re my favorite family.


  1. I cant get over how beautiful your screenshots are. And by Semi-scheduled do you usually update every other day? I will ask this question on the forum thread because I am not a ‘member’ of wordpress lol – just remembered! Thanks for this update and YAY for baby sisters!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Normally I schedule to update certain stories on certain days. Monday’s are the Apocalypse, Thursdays are Huffmans, Fridays are non-sims. (Tuesday and Wedndesday are other story updates and change from week to week.) But semi-scheduled because I move things around from time to time, or like in the case of this week, dedicate a whole week to a single story.

      Normally I update Huffmans on Thursdays. So if you’re looking the just those updates the thread is a good way to see. (I’ll answer there as well!)


    • Everyone needs minions. *Nods* I highly approve of them. Sam has about 500 times more energy than I know what to do with. He is so easy to write and so cheerful! (And he loves his baby sister!)

      Liked by 1 person

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