Talia’s Journal: Page 1

The Journal of Talia Ehrahrsdottir

Loredas, 18th of Midyear – Evening

Every hero has a journal, right? Well, this is mine. I’m Talia Ehrahrsdottir and I’ve been training for this my whole life. The village healer adopted me when I was young and has taught me all I knew. Last month she told me she couldn’t teach me anymore and I had a choice. Stay with her and help the village, or leave and find another teacher. I’m traveling to Solitude, the legion there passed through the village a few weeks back looking for recruits. I asked if they needed healers. They said a good military always needs healers if I’m not afraid. Healers are in the front lines, but they are on the battlefield, but I think it’s where I can do the most good.

I found this small cave to get some shelter out of the wind for the night. It might be summer now, but it’s still quite chilly at night. I’m going to explore a bit first and then settle in for the night. If my map is correct, I should reach Solitude in a day or two.
















This journal was found by the body of a young woman in a Spriggen sanctuary. She was carrying a single dagger, one healing potion, and wearing mage robes.

For this story I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I was trying to do a recording of this story but the sound didn’t come out. Screenshots had to be taken from the video itself.

About the Sons and Daughters of Skyrim: This series will be looking a the civil war from both the Stormcloaks and the Imperial sides. When they die, their story – their journal, is over. More on the table of contents.


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