For the Love of Sims

Alan was lonely. As lonely as anyone could be who’d just moved into town, started a new job, and didn’t know anyone. But Alan was lucky because he was a sim. Now, he didn’t know he was a sim. Or rather he knew he was a sim in the same way one knows they are human; he didn’t know what it meant to be a sim. He didn’t know there was someone on the other side of the universe pressing buttons and directing his life. And that person had a clear goal for Alan. A goal Alan was guaranteed to achieve because of that intervention.


And so Alan did what many sims do in his situation; he hit the town to meet his neighbors. He was looking for someone in particular although he didn’t know who. But he’d know the moment they met for Alan was looking for his soulmate.

As fate would have it, they met at a restaurant. There was nothing different about this sim compared to the others he’d introduced himself to – “Hi, I’m Alan. I’m new in town. Want to be friends?” – but there was something there more than just the obvious two-bolt chemistry. “I’m Kampol Platz. Here’s my number.”


The next day after work, Kampol called Alan and they spoke on the phone long past midnight. They spoke about everything sims speak about: butterflies, spatulas, whether they liked grilled cheese sandwiches (they did), music, and eventually, love.


Alan invited Kampol over the following day. They hung out, chatting and dancing  to his LP collection. When they grew hungry, they decided to see how far this relationship could go headed and went out on a date. It went spectacularly. By the time the date was over and Alan had invited Kampol back to his place, they were meant to be.


Because when you’re a sim, love is just that easy.

I sighed and hit save. Quit.


The monitor went dark.

Playing usually cheered me up, but this time it left a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. If only it were that easy in real life. I’d been living in this town two months and still hadn’t made a single friend, much less found the love of my life. It wasn’t that late. I could go out for drinks, but the idea of sitting alone at a bar was even less palatable than playing videos games. I went to bed.

I couldn’t bring myself to return to Alan’s bright little world. So instead of straight home to an empty house with a glowing computer, I haunted the shopping area. I had no interest in shopping, but there was something comforting about seeing others.


Today it was snowing, so the plaza was even emptier than normal. Even so, I almost missed him. I’m not sure what drew my attention, but before I realized I’d stood up, I was halfway down the path following him. I almost turned back, but…

“Hi. I’m Alan.”


“Sorry, I just -” I was so embarrassed I could just die. What was I doing running after and talking to a stranger? What had come over me?

“I’m Cam. You just moved to town, right?”

“How did you know?”

He shrugged, “I was hoping we could meet.” At that, he looked up at me a hint of shyness in his voice. Our eyes met and I was lost in them. I was in serious danger of jumping him right here in the middle of the street.

“Um…” I sputtered having lost track of the conversation.

“Well, see you around, Alan.”

He gave a little wave and jogged off.

“See you, Cam.” I said to his retreating back.

Back home, I hesitated. Then I loaded up my save. No, it couldn’t be. Sure there was some resemblance, but there was no way Cam was Kampol. Too many games. I told myself. And I certainly did not hear soft laughter echoing around me.

Cam was new to town and it was good to have company to explore the town with me. Afterwards we’d head to his house or mine and often found ourselves chatting until long past midnight. Our tastes were almost perfectly aligned, same favorite foods, same favorite music. We even both liked green.


Our first date was at La Belle Vie. A fancy place. Pricey on our pocket books, but without any annoying dress codes. I had the hors d’oeuvre platter which consisted of five perfect bites of ultimate gastronomical perfection. Cam had the lamb sliders. Afterwards, still hungry, we hit up our favorite diner for fries and waffles.

Screenshot-102It was that night I realized how much I’d come to relay on Cam, on his friendship. And how much I wanted to be so much more. Cam was important to me. It seemed sudden, but I knew that night that this man was my soul mate.



Funny, I never believed in soulmates. I’d spent hours designing the perfect mate for my simself, but I never expected one to just show up on my door. Cam moved in before winter ended and I had never been happier.

Cam was at work when the mailwoman dropped of the month’s bills. And it was with some dread that I collected them. I thought I was afraid of total it would show, but there was something far worse in the box than bills. A letter addressed to him. My heart froze.


To: Kampol Platz
1717 Easthaven Street
Riverview City 5416-022

Now I definitely heard laughter.

Still chuckling, Alan clicked the schedule button. He almost rubbed his hands together out of sheer glee. It was perfect. A sim who didn’t know he was a sim falling in love for his game-created mate. The perfect twist for this month’s short story contest and ready just in time for St. Valentine’s day.

02-22-16_6-47-50 PM

Alan heard the doorbell ringing. Was it that late already? He yawned and trudged down the stairs. The landlord had said the new roommate was arriving today.  He opened the door.

“Kam?” he stuttered.

02-22-16_7-04-08 PM

The man on the other side grinned. Around them, Alan could hear faint laughter.


        • I kind of wished I’d had a TS1 to play with, but the twist would have gotten old I think, by the end. They were such a cute couple in 2! Completely smitten, I may have played them longer than necessary just a to get the shots.

          Each game got to contribute something to this, Alan was my custom content boredom cutie, the room was from 3 with all the power of CAS, and 2 provided dear Kampol.

          Publish for the blog, save and quit for the game. 🙂 I was hoping I could get away with that last twist.

          Liked by 1 person

          • You totally got away with it! I think my favorite part was the conversation items from TS2… talking about spatulas and all the things that sims talk about! LOL! Remember when they’d get abducted and land thinking of spatulas? Oh, the jokes that generated!

            Liked by 1 person

            • The TS2 story was supposed to be VERY sims-centric and then pulling away. If you notice though, TS3 Alan also ended up discussing similar things, perhaps not spatulas, but he’s more of a sim than he admits! 😀


              • You pulled that off completely–game-awareness, then getting increasingly involved in the perspective of being… really skillful and seamless. While I read, I enjoyed watching what was happening to my perspective, for you took it on a very fun ride!

                Liked by 1 person

  1. Ohhhhhh… The twisting turn of events…I loved this!!!!!! Now I have a tie for my favorite story this month! (The other being Citizen’s story… XD) Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

      • XD agreed. 🙂

        I’ve read all of them so far, I think. What mainly has me taking points off is grammar. And your guys’ stories (aside from the parts where I think it might have been intentional) were spot on. :3 Aaaaaaaaaand the ideas were amazing too. :3

        I’m pretty sure I won’t win, because I didn’t really do so well on mine (kind of rushed to get it out before Valentine’s Day…) but… Oh well. It’s nice to be entered. 🙂


  2. Super entertaining to see a sim, who doesn’t know he is a sim, playing a sim who does’t know he is a sim! I seriously couldn’t stop giggling. I really like the twist at the end; priceless! 🙂


    • Oh my – for some reason your comment got sent to my spam folder! So sorry!
      Glad you enjoyed my twist. I’ll admit it had me giggling as well as I wrote it. Technically a sim who doesn’t know he a sim playing a sim who doesn’t know he’s a sim playing a sim who will never know he’s a sim…or perhaps the TS2 one is the only one that knows fully well that he’s a simself. Hmmm.

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  3. Simception! Oh, that’s fantastic! I’ve seen so many stories re-do their Sims into another game but it’s just sort of explained with a “move of town” or something like that, there is never that “breaking of the fourth wall”… “Oh by the way, those guys were the Sims!” And then this one has levels of that, hahaha! Love getting to see all the different game iterations, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simseption is definitely accurate, it was a load of fun playing all these sims, I had trouble making myself stop to actually write the story! Each game has its own strengths and comes with its own nostalgia for me.

      Glad you enjoyed it! I had tons of non-romantic ideas, but once I saw that last scene, I knew this was the story I would be writing. In the end, sims is my main source of romance-romance in my life!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I somehow realized that I never commented on this XD You know I love it! Super creative and clever. And how awesome that you used THREE Sims games?! Hehe you did great with this one, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I was very confused at first. My first thought was “Oh, another Sims 2 story. Super Cool!”

    Then, I thought “oh, smart idea using them both and having one game aware and one not”.

    Then, I found myself rubbing my hands together too and thinking, oh my. lol Kam coming to the door at the end was perfect. You definitely pulled it off! Brilliant job!


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