Sjvorn’s Journal: Page 2

The Journal of Sjvorn Torbikssen

Tirdas, 9th of Last Seed – Night

Once again, I’m lucky to be able to write in this journal.

I was stupid. Again. Around 3pm the blizzard blew out. Tired of sitting in such a depressing town, I struck out. Probably somewhat tipsy from mead. At least the alcohol provided a warm barrier against the cold.

Walking down the road, I heard a high pitched scream and ran to find a farmer running from a giant frost-bite spider. We had those pests at home too – although I’d never fought one alone before. Back home we would band together to drive or if we were lucky kill the beast.

But I ran at the creature, swinging my new axe. It cuts like a dream. The farmer was grateful for my help. Kind of a strange being on this side of the thanks. I was thrilled to have successfully fought one of those brutes that I didn’t notice the sun going down until it was too late. If there hadn’t been an inn on the road to Windhelm. I would have died. Tomorrow, I’m heading out early to make up for lost time. I’ll be in Windhelm before noon for sure.






Turdas, 11th of Last Seed

How many times can I say I’m stupid and shouldn’t be alive? Well it was never as true as it is now.

I left the inn early in the morning as planned. The was sun bright and the spiders not overly aggressive. It was early in the morning so the night’s chill hadn’t fully lifted, but I wasn’t worried. I could SEE Windhelm as I came down out of the mountains. I stopped at a small farm just up the ways. The farm hands were already out and about and the woman there was looking for someone to chop up some wood for her. She was paying good coin and I was down to my last septim. I hadn’t budgeted for last night’s inn fees.

I have chopped a lot of wood in my life. But never in iron armor. Maybe that’s why I got chilled so fast? It’s the only explanation. I gave her the wood, she paid me and I hurried off towards the city. I’d not noticed the chill while I was cutting, but once I stopped, the sweat started to freeze and I started shivering. Then I stopped shivering. When it gets really cold they say it messes with your brain. It does. By the time I reached the bridge I was beyond cold and had moved into warmth, but I was too stupid to notice. It was still early so I saw no one on the road yet.

They say they found me just outside the stables, but I have no recollection of getting there. They don’t know how long I was there before they found me. I woke up, skin burning, in a strange place. I still can’t feel the figures properly on my left hand. Did I just ruin my chance to be a soldier? Ruined by frostbite! I’m a Nord, this happens to foreigners and elves, not us.









Loredas, 13th of Last Seed

I’ve been staying at Candlekeep Inn here in Windhelm. In exchange for odd jobs, they’re letting me stay in one of their smaller rooms. Windhelm is much larger than the village Ledda and I and I lived in. This is where I was brought when I almost died. I hope Jarl Ulfric never hears of my inglorious entry to his city.  Who has ever heard of a stormcloak freezing to death? I spoke to the smith who makes the armor for the stormcloaks. I was right to blame my armor. My father’s armor. It’s not fitted well so there are gaps and places where the iron rubs too close to my skin. If I can find the money, he’ll craft me my own armor that will properly fit. It’s almost a thousand septims total. I’m not sure I can make that money just from chopping wood.

I’m planning to check around town and any notice boards to see if there are odd jobs or rewards I can collect. Maybe someone needs help clearing out some spiders? Today I went out of town for the first time since I arrived two days ago. I climbed up the hill just outside the city. There’s a statue to Talos there. This deep in stormcloak territory the imperial legion can’t stop us all from worshiping our god. These days, I could use any blessing he gives.





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    • A very close call. According to my settings he had a 65% chance of being rescued. Otherwise he would be dead. Sadly this isn’t the last time he battles the elements. But you know, if it wasn’t the cold, it would be the wolves or dragons. Skyrim isn’t the safest place.

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