Skylines now has two DLCs you can purchase. The first added the dark; the latest added snow maps. (The first also added bikers and this one added tramlines but I didn’t really play with those features.) I ended up trying it out for six hours. Apparently it’s not wintery enough at home and I must add snow to my video games.

My town looks like a shook up snow globe!2016-02-27_00002

I started with everything unlocked so right away I needed services and such, but I could use some of the better utilities as well. Which helped balance it out. All in all I think it turned out a fairly good start. And, as I often do. I spent the second half of the game watching and managing my bus lines.


A proper DLC review would add comments about the new snow plowing system (it’s also fun to watch the snow removal) and new city heating mechanics (I prefer the geothermal heat). It would also show off the new the winter-themed parks (ice sculptures and ski lodges). Instead, here are pretty pictures of my city in the snow.