Kitty Update

My new kitties. They are relegated to the Kitty Sanctuary until they feel at home. Last night they played with me and started exploring their new home and wondering what’s beyond the door of the sanctuary. In short, they started acting like cats again instead of scared fur loafs hiding in dark places. Names are still pending.IMG_20160309_241000040


    • Today they both raced out of the Sancutary when I woke up and are exploring the house – tentatively. I wasn’t planning the release until Saturday – but I think they are ready for the larger space…that and it was so cold in that back room with the door shut. So the Sancutary will be warmer as well if they prefer.

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  1. Munter and Bacon for SURE! They are Munter- and Bacon-colored! They’re beautiful. I love them! (I want pets in TS4). I also like the names Muenster, Edam, Gouda, and Cheddar. Or Linnaeus. Or Hildegard von Bingen. Or Amelia. Or Sebastian. Or Wolfcat. Or Wolverine. Or Amadeus. Or Swiss. Or Swishy. Or Furloaf and Mushroom. Or Creamy and Dreamy. Or Dreamcatcher and Starwatcher. That’s all. Or whatever you name them!

    We once had a cat friend named Charleston Clinker. And one cat friend named Grumps. And our best cat friend ever was named Ethan.

    How about Tadpole and Pollywog? Minnow and Guppy?

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  2. Shadow named his kittens One-Paw and Two-Paw, so really, compared to cat-naming standards, anything a human picks out for their feline overlords is going to be an improvement, most likely. πŸ˜› He would probably call them “The tawny tabby twins.” If you ever make a TS3 Simself, I may have to drop some more cats into that game. πŸ˜›

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