Monument Valley

IMG_0827Ever wanted to really understand and Escher painting? How about tale of a young girl repairing the damage she’s done? How about both?

I bought this game and then played it and the extra levels and bought and played the expansions all in one night. None of the “chapters’ or “puzzles” are too long or too hard, but they all leave you wanting more.

It’s available for a bit of money in the apple, android, and windows phone. And worth every penny. The art is gorgeous, the story is adorable and unfolds simply. Your character is Ida a young girl walking through the ruins of the sacred geometry, and as you solve each puzzle the story progresses. There are 10 levels to the base game and you can buy the expansion: Forgotten Shores which has eight more levels. There’s also a around five or six levels that were available for free after I bought the game.

It’s not a challenging game. It’s a comforting game that feels soothing to play and there’s a bit of a “click” when the levels realign that feels very satisfactory. Most of the story line you interpret as well as Ida goes about her business. I feel like she knows what she’s doing, even if I don’t know why. (And what I guess, I’m not going to spoil here. The internet can do that for you if you’re interested.

The following screenshots show the beauty of the game and the types of puzzles. But not really how to solve them or spoil the story if you you don’t already know it. So sit back, put on some soft music and scroll.















Your two cents,

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