Teaser Week – The Secret Life of Samuel Huffman

See, already this is getting easier. Here we have some wonderful shots of lil’ Sammy that never made the cut into the story proper.

Sam visits the bar in newcrest and hits the dance floor:
01-21-16_4-18-08 AM


And Sam acting well, like a teenage boy – watch your eyes, kid!

02-26-16_9-54-20 PM

And lastly, Sam as Space Explorer – he was surprisingly calm about it.

03-25-16_7-40-27 PM

03-25-16_7-40-59 PM

03-25-16_7-41-01 PM

03-25-16_7-40-14 PM

03-25-16_7-41-23 PM 03-25-16_7-41-36 PM

03-25-16_7-41-42 PM

03-25-16_7-41-44 PM

03-25-16_7-44-34 PM

03-25-16_7-44-45 PM


    • I”ve been wanting to share more pictures with you all. I take a ton and just a few make it in the story. We didn’t really need 17 pictures of Sam throwing horseshoes, but I took them and loved them all. (And will see if I can find a way to share them as well)

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    • He doesn’t have the weight Arturo has. Arturo always had a cute little belly, Sam is all muscle and bone structure! Although the alien light actually do obscure quite a bit, so they probably chopped things off visually as well. Or at least trimmed the edges to make him even skinnier.

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