Huffman Legacy 1.22 – I’m Retired

Arturo took his retirement seriously.

“I might do some recording, but I’m done with traveling. That’s a young man’s game.” 03-03-16_10-16-59 PM

And Arturo had to admit to himself, he was no longer a young man. Plus he’d done everything he’d wanted. He might not be world famous, but he was well-known in his circles. He had the most wonderful wife in the world, two smart children, and this house. That last he’d build from the ground up.

He was looking forward to spending more time at home. With Chana.03-21-16_10-32-37 PM

03-25-16_7-52-01 PM

03-25-16_9-28-22 PM

And the kids. Although, now that the kids were teens, there were always people at the house, especially on the weekends.

03-03-16_11-15-41 PM

03-03-16_11-18-46 PM

03-03-16_11-15-16 PM

He could hardly keep track of who was who. But they never really got out of hand.


“Looking sharp, dad.” Samuel said.

03-25-16_9-55-52 PM

Arturo grinned. “I’m playing down at Nyes. It’s their closing night.”

“Mom’s going too, right?”

“Yes. You’ll have the house to yourselves tonight.”

“Sweet.” Samuel grinned mischievously. But they both knew he wasn’t actually planning anything. Arturo looked his son over proudly, Samuel was a good kid.03-25-16_9-56-28 PM

Arturo said goodbye and he stood up and went out to collect his wife. She was as he knew she would be in her garden.03-25-16_10-10-02 PM

There was still time. He was content to watch his wife work.

03-25-16_10-10-10 PM

03-25-16_8-02-27 PM

03-25-16_10-32-45 PM

03-25-16_8-02-50 PM

03-25-16_10-34-09 PM

“Ready?” He called out when she stood up.

She smiled and they headed into town.


03-25-16_8-55-37 PM

03-25-16_9-03-03 PM

03-25-16_9-03-17 PM

03-25-16_9-09-48 PM
03-25-16_9-06-11 PM

03-25-16_9-06-50 PM

“That was beautiful, Arty,” Chana said as he sat down. He was a bit winded after playing for so long, but the patrons had loved it and he’d played several encores of their favorite songs.

They spent the rest of the evening speaking of inconsequential things. Of her garden, his music, the kids. Things that were the most important to them, but in the grand scheme of the world, were less important.
03-25-16_9-07-54 PM

It was a wonderful evening and they stayed far longer than they had meant.

“We’re the last ones here,” Chana giggled.

03-25-16_9-11-33 PM

Arturo looked around, it was true. Only the bartender remained, cleaning up.

“I suppose we should leave,” he laughed and they stood up.

“Thanks for coming in Mr. Huffman,” the bartender called out as they left.

03-25-16_9-15-33 PM

“Oh, I had a wonderful time, Arty.”

“Me too.”

03-25-16_9-16-30 PM

03-25-16_9-17-24 PM

03-25-16_9-17-28 PM

03-25-16_9-16-10 PM


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    • Awwww. Thanks! I have about five thousand shots of Arturo playing his guitar outside and Chana gardening. Pretty sure they do that every day.


  1. Arti has really matured into a distinguished looking elder and sweet Chana I still remember when she proposed to him autonomously!!! That’s awesome. They are a fine wine. They get even better with age.

    Liked by 1 person

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