Thomas Was Alone

Ever felt like you were a small rectangle lost in the world? Being tested. Alone? Well, now you can.

Thomas was alone title screen.

Music for Ambiance:

This is an adorable platformer puzzle game with a small story around Thomas, an AI who ‘woke’ and started taking notes.

Chapter 0.1. Thomas was alone. Wow. A weird first thought to have.

  1. The whole ‘alone’ thing.
  2. Portals: they led somewhere.
  3. Falling. Thomas was absolutely fantastic at falling.

1. The whole 'alone' thing. 2. Portals: they led somewhere, he had yet to work out where. 3. falling: Thomas was absolutely fantastic at falling. He was almost as good at falling as he was at observing.

The game is probably best with a controller, but it’s not impossible on a keyboard. And the levels progressively get more difficult. Even Thomas notices that.It might have been paranoia again, but Thomas could have sworn the world was becoming more complicated. It always seemed to be one step ahead of his skills.

He was evolving. He just wished he had someone to share it with.

Thomas might be a bit of a scientist by nature. Eventually though, he is no longer alone.

Christoper took an immediate and deep dislike to the skinny red rectangle. Who the hell did this "Thomas" think he was.

Chris does not really like Thomas.

Great, great. Another chance for Thomas to jump slightly higher than Chris. How fortunate. Seriously. This made the whole switch pressing thing entirely worthwhile.

But the game doesn’t stop at only two controllable rectangles. There’s more!

This would not do. John needed room to show off his exceptional skills. As it was, he was trapped, on the wrong side of these little dot things.

And they must all work together to get to the ‘exit’ for each level.He didn't mind them so much either. The red one, Thomas, had a charming way of applauding every time John jumped.Each rectangle AI has different skills, abilities, and personality. And as you progress you find more and more rectangles in the computer code. The story unfolds slowly and relentlessly. Light-hearted, caring, dark, sorrowful. And the narrator throughout is just perfect. Actually the music is too.

I have completed this game. It’s adorable. That is all I can say.


Your two cents,

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