Auruto looks over a vacant green lot

Huffman Legacy 1.25 – Memories

03-25-16_10-14-01 PM

Auruto looks over a vacant green lot

Two hands on the grass (they are Arturo's)

03-25-16_10-15-56 PM

03-25-16_10-16-47 PM

03-25-16_10-16-35 PM

03-25-16_10-17-15 PM

03-25-16_10-09-20 PM

03-25-16_10-17-46 PM

03-25-16_10-23-24 PM

03-25-16_11-10-11 PM

02-26-16_12-19-45 AM

03-25-16_11-06-23 PM

03-25-16_9-56-51 PM

03-25-16_10-48-11 PM

02-25-16_8-11-18 PM

03-25-16_10-07-24 PM

03-25-16_10-31-26 PM

03-25-16_8-02-32 PM

03-25-16_11-04-33 PM

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    • I don’t think I could have done words if I’d tried. Just too heartbreaking. I’ll be putting together an obituary for Arturo for the PurpleDay blog. If you have any words you want to add – let me know and I’ll include them. (I didn’t want to add and author’s note and ruin the mood).

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    • Yeah, I had the option to keep her around with a potion of youth, but Arturo had already had his. I may regret that decision, but at the time, her timing was just a day off his so it felt right.

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    • It is… But it’s tough I’ll give you that. to be honest, I’m actually more used to losing sims than keeping them. I’m glad he was loved though. Also, I’ve had a couple extra weeks to get used to the idea. Playing this day was really tough, writing it allowed me to find some solace in the loss.

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    • It’s the downfall of playing legacies. 😦 I have to let them go so I can keep playing. I’m going to keep that double tombstone as long as I can out there. It’s such a lovely spot even if no one can actually reach the grave to mourn…

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      • I’ve watched enough LPs with the “autonomous mourning” problem that might not be a bad thing. I’m kind of glad in TS3 they don’t do it autonomously after the “mourning period” moodlet is gone, then it has to be a user-directed action. Otherwise I fear Rose would spend far too much time with Earl’s urn and I’d find it heartbreaking each time. -_-;;

        That really is an absolutely gorgeous spot though. Ya… I wouldn’t change a thing. Such a powerful image. Touching, heartbreaking, beautiful. And it reminds me of my grandma taking me to see the double tombstone she got for my grandpa and her after he passed away… she’s still around, but it just hit me right through the heart to see her name on it too, even if the ending year wasn’t engraved on it yet. But of course she wanted to rest by him forever, so I understood why she bought it. It too was touching, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

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        • Such a sweet image. Yeah – there’s something about that garden. It’s quite soothing. And the graves seem just to add to it.

          I know my grandma has a similar plan as well now that my grandfather had died. Although not as formalized as far as I know.

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    • Aw, that’s a great compliment – although sorry about the tears. I do regret not letting her have potions of youth, but all their friends were dead. (Sadly Arty had his). There were a couple ways I might have gone with Chana when it was her turn to go that might have meant grandkids, but this felt right to me.

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  1. Awwwww!!!!! Not Chana too??? She must have died of a broken heart without her love. She really loved him and wanted to be with him from the beginning (again I go back to the proposal!!) well they are forever together in her garden to watch over the legacy.

    Lovely and emotional wordless chapter. 😢

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    • I try to get my big feels out in wordless chapters – nothing I write can compare with what your brain can write. She was at the end of her life stage as well, and decided not to drink the potion of youth. She was such a strong partner for Arturo. Their ghosts do come out, but never at the same time so they mourn each other at their graves (and then go break my plumbing)

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