Sam looked over the small room. There was still so much work to do. The walls needed painting; the floors needed sanding. And the furniture, a crib, cabinets, curtains. Maybe a rug. But it was with a sense of joy that he looked around the tiny unfinished room.

He returned to Windenburg with a sense of purpose. They were going to be a family like he’d wished for all those years ago. Not that he and Karen weren’t a family already, but there was something about kids that really sealed the deal.

Sam was just finishing in the nursery when he heard the door shut and hurried out to greet the mother of his future children.04-05-16_1-13-57 AM

Karen didn’t respond when he greeted her, she was sitting on the couch, head held in her hands. Sam began to panic, he’d not gone to the appointment with her as much as he’d wanted to, was something wrong with the baby?

“Karen?” he asked tentatively. “What’s wrong? Is it the…the baby?”

Now she looked up, a little fear in her wide eyes. She shook her head mutely and handed him the paper she held. Sam took it. And looked down at the blurry black & white lines.


He squinted at the ultrasound picture. He thought he could make out a head? And an arm? Giving up he turned to Karen who was now looking a little mischievous. She knew what the ultrasound said.

“It looks very…healthy,” he hazarded. “A girl?”


She pointed at the picture, “that’s a head.”

Sam squinted. Okay, he could see that.

“So is that,” She pointed at another blob.


For a moment Sam’s brain envisioned a two headed baby, how would they- “twins,” he breathed, understanding dawning. He turned to her, exciting growing. “Twins?!”

Karen nodded, she was smiling now, her face suffused with mischief.

“Are they-”

“-Girls,”she confirmed.

Sam put his arm around her and pulled her close. He could not imagine being happier. Suddenly he jumped up and hauled her to her feet. “Come and see,” he led her to the nursery.

04-05-16_1-25-26 AM

“It’s perfect,” Karen said as she looked around the newly decorated nursery.

“Although, I guess we’ll need two bassinets now.” Sam said with a laugh reaching forward tentatively.


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