Huffman Legacy 2.3 – Domestic


04-21-16_9-36-22 PM

04-21-16_9-37-10 PM

04-21-16_9-47-25 PM

04-21-16_9-48-55 PM

04-04-16_10-34-35 PM

04-04-16_10-34-52 PM

04-04-16_10-35-25 PM

04-04-16_10-36-15 PM

04-04-16_10-36-17 PM

04-04-16_10-36-36 PM


04-05-16_1-48-50 AM

04-05-16_1-51-01 AM

04-05-16_1-54-48 AM

04-05-16_1-55-15 AM

04-05-16_1-55-32 AM

04-05-16_1-55-49 AM

04-05-16_1-56-11 AM

04-05-16_1-56-23 AM


04-05-16_1-59-09 AM

04-05-16_2-01-56 AM

04-05-16_2-04-35 AM

04-05-16_2-04-49 AM

04-05-16_2-05-05 AM

04-05-16_2-05-33 AM

04-04-16_8-32-41 PM.png

04-05-16_2-11-39 AM

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Author’s Note: Huh, just realized it’s been a while since I did one of these. I hadn’t planned on the sudden disappearance of Izzy, and rest assured we will see her again soon, and she will get her own feature as well. I actually tried to integrate her story into the last post, but because of how I write these, it was why the post was delayed yesterday since I don’t have screenshots for her. One of the reasons the Huffmans come out so regularly is that they are relatively easy to compose. Just write and then add the shots I took earlier. No setting up scenes or poses. It’s refreshing. Hopefully you’re all excited as I am to meet the twins! 


  1. I just noticed all the little house details in these screenshots (which are perfection btw) – love the hippo rug in the nursery, and all the pictures of Art and Chana strewn about the home!!


  2. I love wordless posts. You can really see the life these Sims have built for themselves. I’m writing my neighborhood rotation in a similar fashion as you write the Huffmans, just write the story the screenshots tell me.

    Also, I’m waiting on Izzy. Where is she? What’s she been up to? Why did she move out? I’ve got questions! Okay, I’ll continue to wait patiently to hear what happened…


    • I keep toying with writing a completely wordless story someday. But that would be a lot more work. Someday. This method of writing is the easiest for me – I find it’s far too easy to put off making scenes and sims if I write first.

      Yah – patience might be required for Izzy, I can confirm she’s working and happy, and we’ll see her when she visits the house. But I want to get further along her plot before I try posting things from her pov again now that she’s moved out. Nothing tragic or dramatic, it was just time for her to move out of her brother’s life and have one for her own.

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    • I do to – it’ll never be as easy as Arty and Chana’s relationship – but in a way, as you said, that makes it more fulfilling. They have to work at it.


    • I had a lot of fun with it! Honestly I had all these shots and wanted to use them, but I couldn’t figure out how. So I “gave up” and did this. And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


  3. Slice of life are just about my favorite. We get to see the time between the action when they are just “being”. Love this.

    Also very nice way to show off their little home too. The decor and design is so cozy!!

    Blue bassinet? I thought we had girls coming! 🙂

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    • One thing to know about me – I very rarely allow my girls in Pink (Izzy got to wear hot pink, but yeah – the bassinets are just differently colored so I can tell them apart! The babies are so hard to tell.

      Slice of life is what I think the Huffman’s do best – but I’m still working on the balance between that an baby plot. Hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually.


  4. Also is that Stafanie coming out of their house? Curious why she was there. Or is Karen visiting her at her house. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where they are. 🙂

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    • Yeah – Stefanie visits from time to time, I always say yes and pay attention. But nothing really happened. I think she was just catching up with Sam since she was in town. Karen probably is glad she left so she didn’t have to fret seeing them together. Stefanie lives out in Oasis Springs now. … I should really have them go visit again.


      • I loved Stefanie and really wanted Sam to end up with one of Bella’s girls. But ah well. Life happens even with our Sims.


        • I had hopes as well, but they were so much older than Sam that it was hard to make it work. Without marking them for no-marriage, mcc got to them first. Sigh.


          • This was such an eye opener to me – I just started using MCCC last week so I need to go in and tag certain eligable sims as no marriage to keep them that way!!


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