“Wake up!” Sam heard the shout from deep within REM and was awake before he fully processed the words. He looked up, Karen was already out of bed, her eyes wide.

04-05-16_2-11-39 AM

“It’s time?”

She nodded.

“I’ll call the taxi.”

As he dialed, Sam felt strange, like he was still dreaming. He gave the operator their address and then turned back to Karen.sam-phone

“How are you doing?”

She smiled thinly, “I think I’ll be very happy once today is over.”

The hospital was expecting them, so once they had checked in, they were quickly escorted to the birthing room.

04-05-16_2-16-24 AM

Sam stood by as Karen laid down on the table. There was some fear – fear of the unknown , of unforeseen complications, but mostly he watched the proceeding with growing excitement.

04-05-16_2-17-34 AM

This was it. The moment that two became four, became more than a couple . The moment they became a family. He’d heard the stories of his own birth how his father panicked and showed up at the hospital in his boxers. Mom had teased him terribly for that.


Sam wasn’t feeling panicked though, instead he was there with Karen every moment. He was there to welcome his daughters to the world.04-05-16_2-19-53 AM

Welcome Elisa, welcome Evelyn. 04-05-16_2-21-23 AM

04-05-16_2-22-13 AM

Welcome to our family.

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Authors Note: Sam did not panic. Karen was clearly unhappy about the whole birth thing, but Sam missed having the pre-parental panic. I think he was too excited. So there we have it – the start of generation 3. Two little girls. Names in this game are randomly generated by clicking on the random name button until I find a name I like. I picked Elisa (she was born first) and then was surprised to have to suddenly pick a second name. When Evelyn came up right away, I knew I would be using it. We can say they read the name in a book once and thought it would work with Elisa.