Sjvorn’s Journal: Page 3

The Journal of Sjvorn Torbikssen

Morndas, 15th of Last Seed – Morning

I’ve been working around town for a few days. Chopping wood for Candlehearth halland for anyone else who wants a hand. I’ve passed by the Palace of the Kings a couple times, but I can’t bring myself to just walk in. Me? A peasant farmer? Walk in there? But it’s been a couple days and I don’t know. It kind of feels like what I’m supposed to do.

I did run into a stroke of luck today, met a man who works for the Jarl, Brunwulf Free-Winter. We got to chatting and he was telling me about how there’s this bandit camp just out of town past the farms. When I told him I was looking for work, he mentioned the Jarl has a small bounty on the bandits. They know the locals it seems so whenever they send Stormcloaks out there the bandits hide, but since I’m a stranger, they might just not expect me.

I agreed. I’ve never fought a man before, but Brunwulf said they were rabbits, mostly harmless. I need the money for that nice thousand septim armor the blacksmith says I need to stop freezing all the time. So here I am, cloak in hand, about to go fight some bandits.2016-02-13_00055






Tirdas, 16th of Last Seed – Afternoon

Uhg, my head. But I kind of expected it after last night. But, I did it. I killed the bandits.

I headed up the path that Brunwulf showed me, found the abandoned house and right on schedule these three bandits attacked. Three against one. I killed the one guarding the door before I even realized I was swinging my axe. Took an arrow to the arm from their archer and then had to high-tail it out of there. The third was the brains of the outfit I think. A necromancer! All done up in dark robes. 

I’ve never been so terrified in my life. I knew if I could keep out of reach of the spells and just get in one good hit, it would be over. But I was too afraid to stop running until an old woman saw me rush by her farm. She shouted something and then, before I understood she she was running up to the necromancer with a knife.

I’m ashamed to call myself a Nord. Saved by an old farmer with a knife and more guts than I. She saved me. And I stood there like a dummy as the necromancer killed her. Anger and shame filled me as I watched her fall. I’m not really sure what happened next but I was suddenly right next to the mage, swinging down, and then it was over.

I’ve got to tell Brunwulf it’s done. But once I arrived back at Candlekeep…well I just kind of kept drinking until I could forgot. But I’m never going to forget, am I? She still haunts my thoughts.


No good deed goes unpunished, I guess. After my hangover subsided, I found Brunwulf and told him about the bandits. Not about the woman, but that the bandits were gone and I collected the reward. I’m now much closer to my goal. I’ve decided to get the armor first. Then see the Jarl. That is if I should even bother. If old women are braver than me….

But enough about that. Brunwulf gave me another quest. More bandits. This time I am determined to Nord up and do things proper. They’re hunting down on the south road and the Jarl hasn’t the men or time to stop them. They’re picking on traders who travel down to Riften. Mainly they prey on the Khajiit and Elf traders which is why the Jarl hasn’t done much about them.

So, I said I’d go. I’ve got to redeem myself somehow.





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