Coloring Craze


So you’ve probably noticed a plethora of “adult” coloring books. I am a long time lover of coloring books. I actually have a small collection of “kids” coloring books (mostly my favorite Disney movies), a bunch of crayons, colored pencils and markers from before this whole thing started.

But now the coloring books have moved from paper to e-ink, or rather to smartphone and perhaps you’re wondering if you’d like to try it out.

This is by no means an exhaustive study of the apps you can enjoy. I only looked until I found one I liked that was free.


Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-12-42Adult Coloring

On Android, I quickly stumbled upon “Adult Coloring” which has a really nice interface and a variety of beautiful things to color. It’s also got a simple “fill bucket” interface, but with several color pallets and a bunch of sets, it appears to have enough for me.

For $9.99 I can unlock all 9 extra pallets and 10 more sets of pictures although I think there might be a weekly fee? I’m trying it out, but if I have to pay $2.99 weekly, I’m out. The free version has plenty enough for me.

The title picture for this was from this app as well: “Filigree” is my title for it. And this fish/butterfly image is my favorite so far. I called it “Fish out of Water.”


Colorfit Coloring Books

This has both a fill bucket and pen interface option, but it was just meh. The pictures were okay (nothing like the ones from the previous app) and the ad-banners were really annoying on such a small screen and the whole interface was quite complex.

If you took the time, it has a bunch of powerful features, that would allow for pretty impressive pictures. But I just wanted to mindlessly color not try to avoid clicking on the banner ads when I’m trying to select a pencil to use. The interface takes up way too much space.

It also had a “click to color – click again to uncolor” feature which I disliked since for small spaces I often spam click to get all the tiny spots fast. I uninstalled this.


On iPad, I had a bit more exploration first. Firstly I already have some coloring book apps from back before they were “cool”. Two of them have stood the test of time.

IMG_0884Monster Coloring Book

This is just an adorable ‘kids” coloring book of monsters of all shapes. It’s got both the “fill” bucket and the pen type coloring systems. I actually like to color them in by hand since sometimes the fill area is larger than I want it to be.

Plus you can add extra lines and details if you do some of it by hand.

It does cost some money to buy it but, I forget how much. A friend of a friend made the game so I didn’t pay a ton of attention and I bought it over 4 years ago. IMG_0885


Another long-time coloring app of mine, although not quite a coloring book, but cool never-the-less. It lets you draw patterns that repeat.


You pick the line color, size, intensity, etc and then the repeating logic. It can be quite fun just to see what a wiggly line can do.

Apple “Coloring”

Just search for coloring on the app store today and there are so many coloring books. I believe “Colorfy’ is the same app as the Android one I got. I downloaded three to test out.


It’s a bit different from the android app so maybe it’s not the same although the icons are rather similar. I do like that you can flip between three saved colored pencils since I’m often using the same few pencils at a time. They have their in-app palettes mixed in with their free ones and a “daily free palette” that you can vote on? Bizarre I know.

For some reason, I didn’t like this app as much as I liked the similar Android app.

Adult Coloring

Same name as the android app, but quite different. This is another standard coloring book. Undo and additional pallets purchasable palettes intermixed with the free ones. You can, however, change the background texture and add music, the music I didn’t really test out. It feels a bit like it’s trying too hard. But I liked it a bit better than Colorfy.

Coloring Book for Adults

(I know, awesomely unique names here). This one doesn’t have in-app purchases and feels a bit like it was designed for an iPhone (only awkward since I’m on an iPad). But all the palettes appear to be free and they have 9 of them.

There are also 231 artworks available so if you don’t like the pushy in-app purchases, this might be for you. They aren’t grouped in any way so you just have to scroll mindlessly through them.

Overall, although it’s not as slick as the other apps, but I think I may keep this one around. It does, however, have the large ad banners to make up for the lack of purchases. I guess you can’t get around that. But at least it’s clear where the add is!

There are probably even better coloring apps – especially for iPads since I just peaked at that store. Do you all know of any good coloring apps I should check out?


  1. Yay for colouring books and colouring apps! These reviews are really helpful! I only tried out Colorfy but I’m happy to see that there are so many others around! I might try out the first one since I’m an Android user.

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  2. Thanks for posting this! I bought a “grown-up” coloring book last year…and it’s led me toward learning to draw and paint, so buying that book truly changed my life even though I only colored a few pages in it. I do have a couple coloring apps on my phone, and for times when I don’t have a sketchbook with me, it’s fun to play with the apps. I like seeing how different a design can be by choosing different colors.

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