Huffman Legacy 2.5 – Twins

This is Evelyn and Elisa Huffman.
04-05-16_2-25-00 AM

04-05-16_2-25-08 AM

And Elisa.

04-05-16_2-25-11 AM

Or was it the other way around? Sam wouldn’t put it past Karen to flip the babies in their cribs. But pink was supposed to be Elisa.

“Hello little Elisa,” Sam whispered picking his daughter up. “Ready to meet your aunt?”

04-05-16_2-26-30 AM

The infant giggled her her father’s arms wiggling. Definitely Elisa, Sam nodded. Elisa loved to be held and always had the biggest smile on her face. Not that Evelyn didn’t enjoy it too, but she was more somber and seemed to watch the world more wither her big eyes. Less of a wiggler.04-05-16_8-40-40 PM

“Let’s just get you fed and then we’ll wait for Auntie Izzy to come by.”

04-05-16_2-26-05 AM

Life had been a lot more hectic after they brought the twins homes. It seemed that they would get one girl fed and changed and down just in time for the other one to wake up.  Sam wouldn’t change a thing for the world thought.

Izzy knocked and Sam hurried to let her in.

“It’s weird knocking on the door,” she said by way of greeting, frowning slightly. .

“You don’t have to, you know.”

“Yeah, but it’s weird just walking in too. Anyway. Where are my neices?” She asked greedily and pushed her way inside. Sam sat down while Izzy acquainted herself with Evelyn and Elisa.

“Elisa is the one in the pink bassinet,” Sam said helpfully.

04-05-16_8-45-12 PM

“You should really dress them in different clothes or something.”

“Karen would flip their outfits around, I’m sure.” Sam chuckled. “She want me to be able to tell them apart by sight.”

“Can you?”

“I’m getting there. They have pretty different personalities.” Sam watched his sister coo over the kids. He wondered if she wanted her own some day. “How’s work?” he asked?

“Well, enough. Oh – I met one of dad’s fan’s the other days.”

“Really? Were they ancient?”

04-05-16_8-47-38 PM

“Pretty young, actually. They came into the bar and recognized the last name. They were pretty fun to talk to.”

“And your roommates?”

“I’m moving out at the end of the lease,” she sighed. “Meghan’s moving in with her boyfriend and Charlotte took a job in Oasis Springs so I can’t afford the place myself.”

“You’re welcome to stay here.”

“And babysit all the time? Nah.” Izzy smiled. “Plus the commute would kill me. But you and Karen should drop by sometime, I’ll give you a drink on the house.”

“We’ll do that.” Sam promised.

Izzy didn’t stay long, both of them had work later and Sam wanted to make sure the girls were settled before Karen came home. Izzy didn’t know it, but she left just in time. Sam heard the cries from the nursery.

04-05-16_8-50-57 PM

Two little stinkbugs, he though. and quickly changed them. “There we go, precious. You just stay nice and quite for when mom comes home.”
04-05-16_9-11-27 PM

The girls actually obeyed him and were quite until Karen came home.


04-05-16_9-10-31 PM

04-05-16_9-14-39 PM

04-05-16_9-17-07 PM

04-05-16_9-17-55 PM

04-05-16_9-21-58 PM

04-05-16_9-23-10 PM

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Author’s Note: I know it’s short. I’ve got a lot of half ideas floating around for this family, but I’m not entirely sure yet how they’re going to work together. I honestly can’t remember which infant is which, but once they become kids, it gets a bit easier as they’re not quite so identical.


  1. Sounds like Izzy is becoming more accepting of Karen… At least when she doesn’t have to interact with her directly haha. Love the default replacement onesies, very cute!

    Also, I’m kinda jealous of them, I’d love to have a sauna in my home!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! It’s Ripu’s fault they have a sauna. She said all the houses where she lives have one. So I added it.

      I was just admiring your onesies. And yeah Izzy knows her brother loves Karen, but the two will never be best friends. There’s a lot going on in Izzy’s life right now which we will see eventually.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The twins are adorable. I hope they grow up to be identical. I’ve noticed Sims 4 rarely has identical twins. Fraternal twins abound. Even if they’re the same gender, hair, and eye color, they always look pretty different.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re a bit different in the face – but are as close as I’ve seen twins to be so far. It helps that I keep them dressed the same to help make them more identical.

      I’ll leave it for you to decide how close they are in a couple days.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Honestly – I can’t remember which bassinet was which, but I remember the blue one being a little fussier.

      Not like some twins though where one is always upset and the other is just fine. These two were pretty in sync.

      Off hand I don’t remember their traits, but I don’t roll them till they age up to children.

      Liked by 1 person

    • She had a quick makeover to apply for a bachelor challenge that didn’t pan out. I think it really suits here.

      I can’t remember – but I think it’s one of my gender-mix cc ones. Although I was reading that there may be more cross hairstyles coming, which will be awesome and I could get rid of a bunch of my cc that way! (I really like unisex clothes/hair).

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s a really great hair for her. Her face makes it a bit of a challenge. But in the end this one worked best.

      Yeah, well Sam had a wonderful father for inspiration. How could he go wrong? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I just realized it was Izzy in the slice of life wordless chapter!! I didn’t realize she’d cut her hair!!

    So cute with the Nooboo x2 and they will tell them apart in time!! My sister in law just gave birth in real life 2 weeks ago to identical twin girls and we can already see little differences!!

    So glad to hear Izzy is doing ok and loved that she physically shoved Sam aside to get in to her nieces!! Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, I can always tell the twins apart (except in baby stage) – but they are as near identical as non-twin sims can be! At least at the kid stage.

      Yup, that was Izzy! She still hangs out with them a lot, we just don’t see it as much. So I’m always grateful when we can get her to visit.

      Wow, real life twins has to be so much more real than sim-twins!

      Liked by 1 person

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