Huffman Legacy 2.6 – Tired of salad

04-05-16_9-46-18 PM

Karen set Elisa down. She stretched and sighed working the kinks out of her lower back. I’ll be so glad when they’re old enough to take care of themselves. She thought. Not that she didn’t find the twin’s sleeping faces and tiny smiles perfect in any way. But after working all day sometimes, you just wanted to point them at the fridge and say “fend for yourselves tonight.”

She picked Evelyn up who was starting to fuss.

04-05-16_9-46-06 PM

“Hush now, you,” she whispered softly and blew in Evelyn’s face. Her eyes lit up and she began to giggle. “I wouldn’t forget you.”

04-05-16_9-47-33 PM

She rocked Evelyn and the girl quieted. It had been a long day already and Sam was still at work. Their reverse schedules were perfect for the girls. They had saved a lot on babysitters, but they hadn’t gotten to see each other very much. Tonight though, Sam had said he’d be home earlier so she was looking forward to having a proper dinner together.

Setting Evelyn down again she sat down next to them and watched their sleeping faces. Soon, she told herself. Soon they’d be up and running around. Causing all kind of havoc. She couldn’t wait.

04-05-16_9-49-44 PM

04-05-16_9-50-59 PM


Sam returned home not that long after the sun went down. It was the earliest he’d been home all week. Once, the players finished their afternoon practice, Sam just had to complete the paperwork if there had been injuries. He’d cancelled all his after-practice meetings.

“I’m home!” He called out opening the door. The living room was dark. He’d half expected to find Karen waiting for him. She’d mentioned she was looking forward to having a proper dinner tonight. “Karen?” he called. There was no response. Probably with the babies, he thought although he couldn’t hear any crying. He peered in the nursery.

04-05-16_9-51-40 PM

Karen was passed out in the chair, sound asleep. They’d both been pushing themselves hard and he knew he hadn’t been getting enough sleep either. He tiptoed forward. The twins were awake.

He picked up Evelyn and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m home, little one,” he said quietly so as not to wake his wife.

04-05-16_9-52-29 PM

“Did you two tire out your mom?” he asked. Evelyn just giggle as he rocked her and refused to answer.

04-05-16_9-52-40 PM

“I bet you did.” He leaned over and kissed his wife. He hated waking her, but if she hadn’t eaten she’d be a terror when she woke. Plus it wasn’t good for her back to sleep all night in the chair.

“Mmph?” she said and she looked up. “Oh! You’re home. I… fell asleep.”

“Shall we eat? I’ll make us something quick,” he said and pulled her to her feet. She yawned and shook herself awake. They left the girls and headed to the kitchen where Sam pulled vegetables out of the fridge.

“I’ll set the table,” Karen said looking over to where he was working. “Salad?”

04-21-16_6-49-56 PM

“I think we’re both too tired to attempt to cook anything. We’d probably set the house on fire.”

“True,” Karen agreed. “How much longer are they going to be infants?”

“No much longer now,” Sam said and he felt a pang of sadness as he said it. The twins were perfect right now. What if they grew up and got all grouchy. He’d heard teenagers often were rebellious, especially girls.

04-21-16_6-50-24 PM

“I can’t wait,” Karen said. “Then we can get some proper sleep again.”

“There is that,” Sam agreed and filled two bowls. “Plus we can probably have warm food again. I am getting tired of salad.”

04-21-16_6-51-23 PM

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Author’s Note: I’ve been struggling a bit with the Huffmans, probably trying to write the wrong things. So this is just a quick update to get me back in the flow. Nothing major – no plot, just a quiet evening in the Huffman house. 


    • Haha. I should not walk and reply. Let me try again! I’m glad you enjoyed that, I tend to ‘weave’ screenshots together so I had no idea, until sam complained while I was typing! It made me laugh so much I had to make it the title.

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  1. I liked this post! Family life isn’t always about the big moments – it’s the quiet ones that make up most of our days. And it was great to see how Sam and Karen are so united as a team, adjusting their schedules to fit around the girls. It’s great that they got some quality time together this evening.

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  2. This is a legacy, and legacies are about families. I think it’s necessary to write short, zero plot chapters like this sometimes. It helps us feel and/or get to know the family better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh – that makes a lot of sense. I completely agree. At least I get to know them better when I write these. Hopefully by the end of *this* legacy I’ll have a good plot/moment balance. I figured at the end of my last legacy I understood better how to write sim stories. So hopefully I’m learning and improving with every generation.

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  3. Awwww loved the shot of Karen sleeping beside her girls. Such a nice little touch!!

    So I think I figured out why you have the blue bassinet. I’ve never kept the bassinet after a child ages up, but if you have it in the house does it just plop the Nooboo into it? Then Evelyn (surprise!!) came with her pink one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah – They will pop them in place when the bassinet is there. Since they were born in the hospital the blue one I had in the room to begin and so the pink one appeared with the baby when they came home. (Moment of truth – I honestly can’t remember which infant was really which one. So I made it up and kept it consistent for the story). But the game doesn’t necessarily spawn pink for girl and blue for boys. I think it’s more random…but I haven’t really tested it.


      • I’ve definitely seen green and yellow for either gender but this far I have only seen pink for girls and blue for boys. Most often my bassinets are green or yellow.

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